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Thulin K

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Jan den Das, e-mail, 26.10.2023 12:10

Concerning the Two seat version, in publications this type was mention as the KA but also K1.
But after several contacts in Sweden is my opinion that this was an invention made by some writers and thas this version was only mentioned as Thulin K two-seater,

Concerning the experimental 20 mm Madsen cannon, is wrong.
They used the Madsen machine gun.
There was no 20 mm Madsen gun in the Netherlands


Barry, 15.02.2016 18:16

Designed by Enoch Thulin as a naval fighter, powered by a 90 h.p. Thulin built Gnome derived rotary engine, the Swedish Army ordered two. However, this plane was more successful as an export with the Royal Netherlands Navy ordering 12 in 1917 followed by a further three two seat KA models.

Span 29'10" Length 21'4" Height 8'4" Gross Weight 1,140 lb Speed 95 mph at sea level Service ceiling 18,000 ft
Armament 1 synchronised machine gun and one Dutch model an experimental 20 mm Madsen cannon


Ifeanyi, e-mail, 30.10.2008 17:37


Mgbada kwo ugwo, munwa analu fa ugboelu a


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