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Barry, 08.06.2016

I think what we see here is the Dufaux 4 the third design constructed by the Dufaux brothers, Armande and Henri. The intention was to collect a prize of CHF 5,000 for being the first plane to fly Lake Geneva. After one or two mishaps the plane eventually took to the air from a field in France on 17th December 1909 before crashing. The plane was promptly repaired and on 28th August 1910 Armande flew from St.Gingolph to Geneva at a height of about 500 feet taking an elapsed time of 56 minutes 5 seconds to claim the prize.

Power plant 1 x 25 h.p. Anzani three cylinder fan engine

Span 27'11" Length 31'2" Height 8'10" Wing area 258 sq ft
Empty weight 400 lb Gross weight 700 lb

Max speed 40 mph Service ceiling 1,600 ft

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