Federal Aircraft Factory C-3603


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Federal Aircraft Factory C-3603

Entered production in 1942. 154 built.

 ENGINE1 x Hawker Siddeley pistone engine, 735kW
  Take-off weight3590 kg7915 lb
  Empty weight2315 kg5104 lb
  Wingspan13.7 m45 ft 11 in
  Length10.2 m33 ft 6 in
  Height4.1 m13 ft 5 in
  Wing area28.7 m2308.92 sq ft
  Max. speed477 km/h296 mph
  Cruise speed430 km/h267 mph
  Ceiling10000 m32800 ft
  Range w/max.fuel680 km423 miles
 ARMAMENT1 x 20mm cannon, 4 x 7.5mm machine-guns, 400kg of bombs

Andreas, e-mail, 14.09.2010 00:35

Yes, this is an obvious typo. The EKW C-3602 & C-3603 were powered by license built derivatives of the Hispano-Suiza 12 Y-51 12 cyl liquid cooled gasoline engine. These machines had around 750kW /1000PS but the C-3604 derivative had the 925kW /1250PS Sauer YS-2, a more powerful development of the 12 Y-51.


leo rudnicki, e-mail, 28.04.2009 19:34

My Jane's 1946 says it's a Hisso 12y 1000 hp, but what is a pistone? Isn't that something that develops in your kidneys?


Costas Tsaganas, e-mail, 27.11.2007 19:44

The engine was a Hispano-Suiza or (in the case of some postwar-built aircraft) its Swiss Saurer derivative.


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