Häfeli DH-5

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Häfeli DH-5

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Barry, 28.07.2016 18:19

Built by K + W Thun, the first flight was in March 1919 with flight development going on to May 1920. This indigenous craft was ordered for the Fliegertruppe in two tranches, the first for 39 aircraft entering service in 1922 and a second for 20 of the improved DH-5A which entered service in 1929. There was a "one off" DH-5X which was powered by an Hispano-Suiza HS 42 8 cylider engine developing 300 h.p. They continued in service as glider tugs until the 1940's.

Accommodation 1 pilot and 1 observer

Power plant (DH-5A) 1 x 220 h.p LFW III

Span 39'4" Length 24'11" Height 10'4" Wing area 103 sq ft
Empty weight 1,890 lb Max take off weight 2,796 lb

Max speed 157 mph Cruising speed 131 mph Range 420 miles
Service ceiling 18,360 ft

Armament 1 x 7.9 mm Fixed machine gun and 1 x 7.9 mm machine gun on a movable mounting in the rear cockpit


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