Pilatus P-2


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Pilatus P-2

The P-2 first flew in 1945 as a trainer for operation from high-altitude airfields, fitted with night-flying, radio and oxygen equipment. The initial 27 aircraft were built for the Swiss Air Force as pilot trainers; the final 26 as weapons and observer trainers.

Pilatus P-2

 ENGINE1 x Argus As 410 A-2, 347kW
  Take-off weight1970 kg4343 lb
  Empty weight1520 kg3351 lb
  Wingspan11 m36 ft 1 in
  Length9.07 m30 ft 9 in
  Height2.7 m9 ft 10 in
  Wing area17 m2182.99 sq ft
  Max. speed340 km/h211 mph
  Cruise speed305 km/h190 mph
  Range865 km538 miles

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