Pilatus PC-6 Porter, Turbo-Porter
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Pilatus PC-6 Porter, Turbo-Porter

The first PC-6 flew on May 4, 1959.

Pilatus PC-6 Porter, Turbo-Porter

 MODELPC-6 B2-H2 "Turbo-Porter"
 ENGINE1 x Pratt & Whitney PT6A-27 turboprop, 507kW
    Take-off weight2800 kg6173 lb
    Empty weight1270 kg2800 lb
    Wingspan15.87 m52 ft 1 in
    Length10.9 m36 ft 9 in
    Height3.2 m11 ft 6 in
    Wing area30.15 m2324.53 sq ft
    Cruise speed213 km/h132 mph
    Ceiling7620 m25000 ft
    Range926 km575 miles

Pilatus PC-6 Porter, Turbo-PorterA three-view drawing (803 x 1097)

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Oka Suebu, 20.09.2012

May I request layout of Pilatus Porter PC-6/B2-H4, please. I needed. Thank you so much.

DAN WILLIAMS, 15.06.2012


Phil Dreith, 08.06.2012

I worked on Porters at Vientiane Laos for Continental Air Srevice in late 60s and early 70s.
We had 18 at that time with PT6-20. Very reliable compared to our competitors Garrett powered Porters. Great airplane.

Kurt Catob, 16.05.2012

I watched one being demonstrated to the US Army at Ft Eustis, VA in the spring of 1960. I was schooling on the H-21 helo. I was amazed at its ability to almost hover in a small headwind.

Ken Beaird, 20.01.2012

I flew about 100 hrs in the Porter with the Thai Air Force in 1972. We were on a project called Pave Coin using armed a/c for counterinsurgency. Had a XM-197 3-barrel gatling gun and gunner in the back seat area. Great plane and some fun missions.

XXX, 06.08.2011


Al Murdock, 20.03.2011

As an observer, I flew in the PC-6 with the Berlin (Germany) Aviation Detachment during the 80s. It's 25 years later and they're still in use elsewhere!

Rudy Paucker, 07.03.2011

I worked the control tower Korat, Thailand, 1969. Had a AA Porter on short final with 4 105's coming down the chute behind him. He landed and immediately stopped & exited at the approach end taxiway....I was impressed! Quite an airplane!

ROB REZANKA, 17.10.2010

Had a pc-6 w/pt-6 up in Alaska.flew on and off gravel bars.It was the most fun a guy could have with a hunk of aluminum that appeared to have been built in your basement.
In a 25 kt headwind it took off without rotating the wheels.
WOW !!! what fun

Jay Friedman, 22.09.2010

In the mid-1970s I was working for the United Nations in Nepal, where several Pilatus PC-6 Porters were in use. On one trip I was at Namche Bazaar, a village in the Everest area, whose 1 kilometer long airstrip at 11,000+ feet ends in a drop-off. Flying back to Kathmandu on the UN's Pilatus, the pilot, a Swiss guy, revved the engine as fast as it would go, the plane picked up just enough speed at that altitude to take off but he had to put the nose down at the drop off get it up to flying speed. Scared the heck out of me, but he said that was the normal way to do it. Great plane!

Marco, 31.08.2010

I like the Pilatus PC-6 to bad is here the Pilatus PC-8 Twinporter missing, the PC-8 was a 2 engined Version , a sol prototyp was build, but the proiect was stopt when the PC-6 get the Turboprop engin. later was also the Project PC-10 a 2 engin Turbopropversion of the PC-6T but never made it over the dravingboard.

Kerry, 05.08.2010

Got to make a few skydives out of these. Very short takeoff roll, climbs like a bandit, we built an 8 way in freefall and I looked over and the Pilatus was nose down staying with us. Great aircraft. What is the difference between a Porter and a Helio Courier?

Daniel Bohren, 02.06.2010

hallo zusammen

ich suche für die homepage www.pilatusporter.ch bilder, texte, etc.
vielen dank im voraus.

George Schwab, 08.02.2010

I flew a PC-6 with the Garrett TP-331 and it was an efficient skydive lift device, and a whole lot of fun. Three loads to 15,000ft/hr was not unusual. A number of skydivers would opt to ride the plane down with me, as it was an experience that had to be experienced. Next to my F-16 time, this is the most fun I've had in an airplane.

Willie Utterback, 26.12.2009

I first flew Porters with Air America in S.E. Asia. By 1967 AAM had converted all their Porter engines from Astazous to Garrett TPE-331s. This engine was a geared turbine unlike the P&W PT6 free turbine. I personally believe that the TPE-331 was better than the PT6 for critical STOL ops as the response from idle was quicker. Regardless of what engine, the Porter is a great airplane.

leo rudnicki, 28.04.2009

I read a novel in which a Turbo-Porter with 5 terrorists and a nuclear device flew trans-Atlantic to D.C. At least Santa Claus is real. Shoulda used a Junkers 390.

Joe King, 08.06.2008

I flew the PC-6 as a U.S. Army airplane in Berlin Germany. The flt detachment had two of them. We flew them on missions over the wall...
Great for gaining and losing altitude very fast.

J.W.Hazen, 04.04.2008

I first flew a PORTER (N185X) in Bangkok, Thailand on 5 December 1964. It had an Astazou engine at that time.

3VI, 11.11.2007

We had a PC-6 in Thiene airstrip for skydiving. What a powerful lifter! With 9 skydivers + pilot the PC-6 gains 4200 meters in 12 min. Wonderful. And smell of kerosene in the cabin...

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