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Adam A700

The Adam A700 AdamJet is a proposed six-seat civil utility aircraft that started development in 2003. The aircraft was developed in parallel with the generally similar Adam A500, although while that aircraft is piston-engined, the A700 is powered by two Williams FJ33 turbofans. The two models have about 80% commonality.

The prototype A700 first flew on July 28, 2003. Two conforming prototypes were built.

Adam Aircraft ceased operations on 11 February, 2008, prior to the certification or delivery of any production A700s.

In April 2008 Adam Aircraft was purchased from bankruptcy by AAI Acquisition Inc who have indicated their intention to continue with certification of the aircraft.

Media reports from May 2008 indicate that Industrial Investments, the Russian company that purchased Adam Aircraft, has quietly restarted work on the A700 and now has 60 employees back at work. Industrial Investments reportedly ordered 75 A700s prior to Adam Aircraft's bankruptcy.

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Adam A700A three-view drawing (800 x 459)

 ENGINE2 x Williams FJ-33-4A, 6kN each

Adam A700

Victor, e-mail, 27.11.2010 23:08

I designed, w / help from Don Nepp, the landing gear set for this aircraft and its siter, the A500, under subcontract with Castle Precision, Simi, CA, USA. Beautifull aircraft, great lines ! !!!!!


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