AEA Aerodrome No.4 Silver Dart
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AEA Aerodrome No.4 Silver Dart

The Silver Dart was less famous than June Bug but was a far more successful flying machine. Sponsored by McCurdy, it had a 50hp Curtiss water-cooled V-8 engine, biplane forward elevators, and no rear stabilizer. Instead of being connected directly, the engine drove the propeller by a chain and sprockets.

First flight was at Hammondsport on 6 December, 1908, with McCurdy flying. It was moved to Baddeck where it made the first flight in Canada on 23 February, 1909, again with McCurdy piloting.

Peter M. Bowers "Curtiss Aircraft 1907-1947", 1979

AEA Aerodrome No.4 Silver DartA three-view drawing (600 x 554)

    Take-off weight390 kg860 lb
    Wingspan14.93 m49 ft 0 in
    Wing area39 m2419.79 sq ft

, 15.10.2011

First flight was at Hammondsport on 6 December, 1908 -- always have the people who don't stop human dreams.

Tony Soulis, 18.01.2010

If the wingspan was 48' 12" - then shouldn't the wingspan number be 49'?

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