AEA Aerodrome No.2 White Wing
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AEA Aerodrome No.2 White Wing

The second AEA aeroplane was White Wing, sponsored by Baldwin. It was very similar to Red Wing, except for the substitution of three wheels for the ice runners, and used the same engine. The most important innovation was the addition of movable lateral control surfaces on all four wingtips that later came to be called ailerons. In principle, these had the same elfect as the Wright's wing-warping, but Curtiss claimed mechanical and control differences. The method ofcontrol reflected Curtiss's motorcyle experience-a yoke embraced Lhc pilot's shoulders-when he wanted to bank for a turn, he leaned in the desired direction and the proper control movement was automatically applied.

White Wing made four flights, the first on 18 May, 1908, again with Baldwin at the controls. Distance was 85m at a height of 3m. Longest flight was the third, at 310m wilh Curtiss flying. White Wing crashed on 23 May after McCurdy had flown 167m.

Peter M. Bowers "Curtiss Aircraft 1907-1947", 1979

    Take-off weight274 kg604 lb
    Wingspan12.87 m42 ft 3 in
    Wing area37.9 m2407.95 sq ft

, 15.10.2011

AEA Aerodrome No.2 White Wing give us fly dream, it is first star.

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