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Aeronca C.3

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Tommy Lopez, 19.09.2017

Love the C-3. I have a 1/4 scale C-3 that i fly once in while at our RC field here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My question is does any one know the location of any C-3s here out western part of the country?

Thomas C. Indoe, 19.11.2015

This is my new e-mail address

I live in Marion since leaving Cincinnati in 1939

Thomas C. Indoe, 19.11.2015

This my New E-mail address
I live in Marion since 1939

Jimmy Gazzaway, 02.02.2015

I bought a C-3 in Corsicana, Texas in 1949 for $300.00 and after doing some fabric work on it I flew it doing flight instructing and soloed about 7 or 8 students in it including a young lady, I owned the old airport at Teague Texas and after teaching a fellow by the name of Jim Martin to fly it I sold it to him for $750.00 in 1950. I sold the airport and all my airplanes in 1954 and started flying executive aircraft which was my career. I don't know what happened to the C-3 nor the Aeronca Champ I sold with the airport.

Frank Giudice, 03.06.2014

I believe there is a C3 at cole Palens Old Rhinebeck Airport RBhinebeck N.Y. ( near Kingston

Bruce DeWald, 04.05.2014

Lincoln Ellsworth took an Aeronca "Two seat scouting aircraft" on his 1938-1939 expedition to Antarctica. His other a/c was a Northrop Delta 1D Executive NC14267. Both a/c were equipped with wheels, skis and pontoons. Would very much like to hear from anyone who has any information on Ellsworth's Aeronca.

Russ Railmer, 17.02.2013

In the early 60's I was a part owner of a 46' T-craft. The wire and cork in the fuel tank sticking out of the coweling in front of the wind screen ( Jack Ohmart's comment) brings back memories. If I remember right the tip was painted red, meaning time to get out of the air.

Philip Sattler, 27.12.2012

My dad and a couple of friends owned a Aeronca C-3 in about 1950. I haden't been flown for several years. It was parked next to the Myres Aircraft Co in Mich. We cleaned it up, painted it. One cylinder used oil quiet bad. Couldn't by parts back then. Weith some research, found out John Deere B tractor rings were very close. By altering the compression rings slightly, made them fit perfect. Yes, it was underpowered. On the first flight, they flew 5 mi. before they got high enough to attempt a turn.

Thomas C. Indoe, 22.07.2012

I enjoy reading all the guys comment.I changed my email
address if any have questions.

Gene Isom, 20.07.2012

The Aeronca c-3 is the first airplane that I actually touched. I was 9 years old in 1938 at the Wood River, Illinois airport. This C-3 would fly over our house that was located on Halloran Avenue, about 1/2 mile from the airport. When it came over I would run to the airport to see it. It was called at the time, "The Flying Bathtub". I later soloed in the Aeronca C-7 at East St. Louis Airport in 1954. Later I flew the souped up version with a 95 HP engine and tricycle landing gears called the TriTraveler when I was stationed at Westover AFB, MA will a member of the SAC Aero Club. I still love that champ.

Ray Howard, 16.05.2012

I knew this aircraft well in the mid-50's. It was based at Southend, Essex and in those days painted dark blue if my memory serves me correctly. Somewhere I have a black and white photo.

MIKE1204, 08.05.2012

G-AEFT (c/n A.610),pictured above, was the 15th out of 20 to have been registered in the UK (cofA issued 27 Aril 1936) and was the sole survivor, the others either crashed or were scrapped. It was operated and cherished at Stapleford, Notts, by the Aeronca Flying Group. It was an imported C.3, being manufactured at Lunken Airport before the great flood there of 1937. Nineteen British-built Aeronca 100s (construction numbers commencing 'AB') were built by Light Aircraft Ltd., formed at Hanworth in 1935, but all succumbed to disaster, apart from G-AEVS (AB.114), which was seen at Sywell in 2010, looking absolutely gorgeous in duck-egg blue with silver aerofoils, probably being one of two survivors of its type (the other possibly being G-AEWV/AB.117). I was lucky enough to see two Aeronca 100s at the Thruxton prop-meet in 1998, when they arrived together, cruising overhead on a total of only four sparkplugs between them!

Robert Dunlap, 06.04.2012

When I worked as a ramp boy, Lake Union Air Service, 1949, Peter Bowers fly his Aeronca C-3 on floats over to get some gas. He warned about hand propping because there was no hot mag for starting.

Tom Stopski, 13.03.2012

In the fall of 1972 my family and I moved to Newport News, VA. Shortly after, while looking to buy some rental property we met an elderly couple with some properties for sale...In the course of our dealings I was introduced to her husband in his upstairs studio the walls of which displayed pictures of some old aircraft. As a former Air Force pilot I inquired about them and was told that he was the designer of the Aeronca aircraft. Ther also was a framed citation painting of his wife commorating her solo altitude record in the aircraft. As I remember he was of Frech nationality. Can anyone verify this info...

George ED King, 04.03.2012

There is a C3 Hanging up in the old Terminal Bldg at Lunkin Airport in Cincinatti.

Bill Propst, 17.01.2012

IJn the 1960's IJ got flight trainning at the Okmaulgee,OK airport. At that time there was an Aeronica Chief hangered there. It was there for the couple of years that I used the airpor the plane sat idle. It appeared to be in excellant shape. Always regretted tha I didn't look for the owner etc. and still wonder what eventially happened to this plane????

ALEX MORTON, 29.05.2011

There is a C-2 hanging in the Great Gallery of the Museum of Flight on Eat Marginal Way in Seattle. My brother Paul R. Morton, Lt. Col. retired, flew one in 1933 ar Ravenrock Airport in Portsmouth, Ohio. It landed at about 33 mph as I recall.

J W Mason, 25.04.2011

I bought a 1937 K model in 1957 for $550 at Fort Worth TX. Somebody had put a 65 continental on it and 12 lbs. of lead in the tail to balance it. Side by side, 2 wheels, hydraulic brakes (Cessna landing gear). Steerable tail wheel. Very much fun to fly, very forgiving. Cruised about 80, landed about 40 or less. Sold it to Lynn Wright in 1958--I think he's the man that had modified it. He had owned it earlier.

Len Kutkey, 21.04.2011

I am not sue if is a C2 pr C3 however there is a restored one in the museum of flight at boing Field Seattle WA. Restored and was flown into the 1980 by a Captain of West Coast Airlines Robert Cansdale. One of his daughters is a NW captain.

Thomas C. Indoe, 21.03.2011

My Father was Clifford H. Indoe and he was the Supertindent at the Aeronca Air Craft Corporation at Lunken Field in Cincinnati,Ohio from 1930 to 1938.
The company moved to Middletown in 1938 because
of the flood in 1937. I have a picture where they landed
3 C-3 Aeronca's on top of the hanger before the flood.
It was a very big flood. I can remember seeing them looking down from Alums Park at the Airport.
My Dad got one of the airplains that had crashed at the field and he cut the fuselage in half and made the first side by side seats. He brought home the patterns on brown paper and my Mother cut the patterns out of canvas and he took them back and covered the fuselage.
He made the first shock absorting landing gear that he built useing bungy cords rapped around a couple of v type
frams that changed the bloon tires to smaller tires.
There was a fire started in the shop one night and when my Dad showed up just in time to put out the fire out.
I got a prop that my Dad got out of the fire that burned the back of the prop.Dad took the prop and mounted a clock in it and I still got it hanging on my wall today
and it was one from the C-3 Aeronca.
I sure have enjoyed seeing the other comments that you
gentlemen have given. Thanks Again. It brings back many
memories when I was just 5 or 6 years old.

Thomas C. Indoe

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