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Bob Wearley, 10.03.2016

My first ride as well in the early 40s. There were 4 in Woodburn Indiana at the time. Paul Ausburger (Ausburger Ford Auto) put a 39 Mercury engine in his. There was a yellow one and it may still be there hung in the terminal in the San Francisco airport.

R Hutchins, 04.03.2010

Built in Havelock, NE a suburb of Lincoln, NE. After going broke in about '36, the plant produced Patriot Trucks. It now is Goodyear Tire and Rubber and the original plant has been swallowed by a much larger building. One of the planes hangs in the ceiling of the Lincoln, NE airport.

Ted C. Harper, 16.08.2008

This is the first airplane that I ever got a ride in
back in 1937/1938. I was about ten years old at that
It was called an ARROW SPORT and was powered by a FORD V-8
auto engine. Probably the 85 hp engine.
It was a two seat, side by side, open cockpit. It was
manufactured in Lincoln NE

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