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Bede BD-5J

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TORBJÖRN KAMPE, 19.03.2015

A big dream that you took such a fun flying machine as the BD-5J.
It Räker not with 007. Those who own a BD-5J is happy buoys, which owns a BD-5J. Happy boys.

Bob Maxwell, 19.06.2014

Saw the Bede 5J fly at the Newton Ks airshow, They also had the trainer there for people to test fly, It was on a counterbalance rigged to a Pickup, They would drive down the taxiway at a speed (not sure how fast) and you could lift off to about 10 feet and then land. Not much training for a single seat jet.

John R, 08.06.2013

Where is the BD-5D ? long before the 5J

Manny, 27.06.2012

I, like many others, sent my money and nothing happened except our money disappeared.
What a guy James was.
How about the "Lean Machine". A motorcycle inside a BD5 shell.

Steven Leboeuf, 22.05.2012

I saw the bd5 at Corky Fornof's Hanger in Houma La. in 1974. I even sat in it. It was awesome!I still have pics. for it. I even saw a prototype for a prop type. Corky moved away after his dad crashed.My dad worked for Mr. bill.He and Corky are Great pilots.Corky flew over my house many times in the bd5.

Bill Wheat, 08.07.2011

Enjoyed watching Bobby Bishop at several Airshows in Was9ington State in the 60's abd 70's

Roger, 16.04.2011

I saw my first BD-5J at an air show in Sante Fe New Mexico around 1979 I think.. Quite impressive little jet back then.

Phil Hartzell, 11.04.2011

question...remember the Coors beer commercials from about 20 years ago ? Didnt they fly several BD's as part of a promo deal at airshows and on tv ? Silver Bullet?

Bill, 11.03.2011

So impressed to see this little jet do a tail slide at Arlinton Wa.

Bill, 11.03.2011

So impressed to see this little jet do a tail slide at Arlinton Wa.

Louis Moore, 05.03.2011

My fuzzy memory says that there was a Bede-4 - perhaps only the prototype built. Bede solicited down payments for the yet to be built planes. I sent $500. , but apparently the idea never got off the ground. There was no refund.

Dean Seaman, 18.10.2010

My father had a subscription to Popular Science magazine. The August 1973 issue had a BD-5 (prop version) on the cover.
I was 10 years old then and thought that was the coolest thing I'd ever seen.
A few years later, I saw a BD-5J perform at a local air show. The announcer said the landing gear could open or close in one second. The pilot flew low over the runway and opened and closed the gear several times on a slow pass. I clocked it with my wristwatch and he was right!

Bare, 17.09.2010

It is not a BD-5. It is the BD-5J recognizable by the NASA ducts and the thrust reversing clamshell on the tail. The BD-5 A and B (Prop versions) had a spinner on the prop.
The thrust reverser stuck on Les Berven, the test pilot, causing him to land short of the field at Oshkosh.

Bob Bishop, 15.09.2010

I believe that aircraft was officially licensed as an 'MJ-90' standing for Micro Jet 90. The 90 referred to the thrust in Kg. I test flew that aircraft in the mid 1970s. If I am not mistaken - that's me in the cockpit!

Jon Kunkel, 05.12.2009

Kurt, this is BD-5J F-WZAV. It is a french jet powered by the TRS-18 turbojet.

Dain, 07.06.2009

If you look just behind the inlets you will see a Negitave pressure door open. This was to let in additional air at low airspeeds so that the jet engine did not collapse the fusalage. At higher airspeeds the inlets will pressurize the fuselage plenum and the door closes.

Kurt, 16.03.2009

Are you sure this is not the BD-5? That sure looks like a prop turning on the tail and a blur behind the aircraft, in line with where the prop would be loks like a prop turning.

John Holihan, 23.05.2008

The BD 5 played a roll in a James Bond movie. It rolled out the back of a moving tractor trailer and flew away.
At flight idle the plane was hard to slow down so Jim Bede installed clam shells on the engine.
Flying magazine did an article on it some where around 1981.

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