Beech Model 28 Destroyer


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Beech Model 28 Destroyer

The Beech Model 28 merits brief mention as an unusual project for this manufacturer. Two examples of a twin-engined attack aircraft were ordered from Beech in 1943 under the designation XA-38 and the Model 28 was a large low-wing .monoplane, with a fuselage accommodating a crew of three, and with a tail unit incorporating twin fins and rudders. Power was provided by two Wright R-3350-43 radial engines, and in addition to defensive armament, the Destroyer carried a 75-mm cannon for its attack role. Only the two aircraft were built, being delivered for evaluation in 1945.

Beech Model 28 Destroyer

 ENGINE2 x 2300hp
  Take-off weight16480 kg36332 lb
  Wingspan20.45 m67 ft 1 in
  Length15.76 m52 ft 8 in
  Height5.33 m18 ft 6 in
  Max. speed636 km/h395 mph
  Ceiling8840 m29000 ft
  Range2575 km1600 miles
 ARMAMENT1 x 75mm cannon, 6 x 12.7mm machine-guns, 907kg of bombs

Klaatu, e-mail, 11.06.2011 15:20

One other important reason why the Grizzly was not developed further: By 1944 single-seat fighters were being equipped to fire as many as eight rocket projectiles from under-wing launching racks. As a result, aircraft such as Hurricanes, Typhoons, P-47s and Corsairs could pack as much offensive ground-attack firepower as the highly specialized, massive and expensive XA-38.


Klaatu, e-mail, 11.06.2011 15:05

There was nothing basically wrong with the XA-38. However, by the time it was built, modified North American B-25 Mitchells were already adequately carrying out the role for which this airplane was designed. In addition, the XA-38 was fitted with the same type of engines used in the Boeing B-29 Superfortress which, at that time, had priority.


Frank, e-mail, 27.10.2010 17:01

Does anyone have the fuselage stations for this aircraft? I doing an electric RC model and have 3-views but no fuselage shape. Thanks


Paul Jones, e-mail, 23.10.2010 05:45

Scott----Yes, I have more information on this aircraft. Possibly, all you would want to see. I have a copy of the article which appeared in AIR CLASSICS in 1983. It is ten pages long and contains everything anyone would want to know about the Grizzly.


Frank Allen, e-mail, 22.02.2010 04:33

I think this A /C was ALL WOOD


Scott, e-mail, 11.02.2009 01:26


We are currently working on Grizzly for Flight Simulator. Noticed Paul said he wroked for Beech. No chance you would have any info, beyond what has been found around the net on this aircraft is there?

Please email me!



Paul Jones, e-mail, 06.06.2008 18:02

I was employed at Beech, then, Raytheon for 36 years in Engineering. I have an article from one of the old aircraft related magazines printed in 1943 or 1944. In the article it states that the "Grizzly", as it was referred to at Beech, did out perform the Mustang in speed trials.

reply, 09.05.2008 02:51

I believe that this aircraft was flown against the P-51 and several other aircraft during testing and in speed test competition was superior. Can this be confirmed as it was developed too late in WW2 for future production.


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