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Beech Model 400 Beechjet

The Beech Aircraft Corporation acquired in December 1985 the Diamond II executive jet from Mitsubishi, and it is now marketed worldwide (except for Japan) as the Model 400 Beechjet. Initial Beech production centred on the completion of partially-built Mitsubishi airframes, but by June 1989 all production was being handled by Beech's Salina and Wichita plants.

The first Beech-assembled aircraft was rolled out on 19 May 1986 and deliveries began in June. By the beginning of 1989 46 Beechjets had been delivered. Beech is also providing support for previous Mitsubishi products, including the MU-2 and earlier Diamond versions.

In 1989, Beech announced the Model 400A Beechjet, featuring increases in payload and ceiling, greater cabin volume, a rear lavatory and improved soundproofing. A Collins Pro Line 4 EFIS is fitted as standard. Deliveries of this version began in early 1990.

To compete for the major USAF competition for a new Tanker-Transport Training System, Beech teamed with McDonnell Douglas and FlightSafety International to offer the Beechjet. The team was successful, with an eventual order for 211 aircraft likely. Expected to enter service in 1992, the aircraft will be known as the T-1A Jayhawk.

 MODELBeechjet 400A
 ENGINE2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5 turbofans, 1315kg each
  Take-off weight7303 kg16100 lb
  Wingspan13.25 m43 ft 6 in
  Length14.75 m48 ft 5 in
  Height4.19 m14 ft 9 in
  Wing area22.43 m2241.43 sq ft
  Max. speed854 km/h531 mph
  Cruise speed828 km/h515 mph
  Ceiling13715 m45000 ft
  Range5375 km3340 miles

Dave Peretti, e-mail, 10.02.2015 17:30

Took delivery of our new Beechjet 400A RK8 in 1990 and had the privilege of flying it for 5 years until retirement. A tough little bird that was fast, comfortable, and a joy to fly. Made one trip from Anchorage AK to Portland OR non-stop in 3.2 hrs. Departed Spokane Geiger one day, lightly loaded of course, on Rwy 3 with clearance to 12K. Turned to heading of 210 and made the 12k while still in the airport traffic area. The Collins Pro-Line 4 Avionics system was magnificent. We flew into a lot of airports with minimal or no instrument approach procedures and the Collins system always got you lined up with the landing runway perfectly. A gem of a corporate jet.


Kevin Hinds, e-mail, 18.03.2010 04:40

The max t.o. # for the "A" is 16,300. And it might go 3340, with tip tanks. Burly little airplane otherwise!


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