Beech Fan Jet 400


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Beech Fan Jet 400

The soundness and success of the Beech King Air 200 design prompted Beech to explore a jet-powered version. This was the Fan Jet 400, fitted with a pair of JT15D turbofans in similar nacelles to the PT6A turboprops. Known as the Fan Jet 400, the jet-powered aircraft did not warrant production, and Beech later purchased the Mitsubishi Diamond design.

Harold Walter, 30.09.2010 19:57

I flew it a little bit. I remember indicating Mach .61.


Roger Tener, e-mail, 23.09.2010 04:19

I was working at Beech when this aircraft was flying. It was never intended for production. It was a testbed for engines and other concepts.

The aircraft had a lead material lining in the cabin in case of rotor burst which made the aircraft extremely heavy. On an hot Kansas summer day, unless parked on steel plates, the airplane would sink into the asphalt.

It wasn't very fast, but it could really climb!


Kevin Hinds, e-mail, 18.03.2010 04:37

As much as I complain about flying the Diamond Jet vs. the Beech 400, I can't imagine flying this contraption. It seems like a step back for Beech. I'm glad it never went into production.


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