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Bee Aviation Wee Bee

Known originally as Beecraft Associates Inc., this company built the diminutive Wee Bee in 1949, in which the pilot lay in a prone position.

Tim M, 25.02.2015

The Wee Bee was built by Ken Coward, Bill Chana and my dad Karl Montijo, itv was the lightest aircraft at the time. The guys took it to the Paris Air show, The Gatwick Airshow and it was quite famous at the time. My father flew it since he was the lightest and a parachute would even weigh it down too much. I would love going to the aerospace museum with my family when i was a kid, seeing it next to the flying car! What memories. I actually got to help a bit with the replica . My dad worked at Rohr industries at the time and they donated all the materials and had plenty of volunteers for the restoration. Dad is alive and living in RB at this time 2/15

anonymous, 07.01.2015

Ken currently lives at Encinitas Nursing and Rehab, 900 Santa Fe Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024. He would love to get mail from you. He is a great guy with a great family.

Beth Truex, 30.06.2014

As a child I lived in San Diego, CA. My dad worked for Convair as an Aeronautical Engineer. He loved flying, belonged to a flying club taking my brother and I high above San Diego on weekends. I remember going to a small airport where the Wee Bee lived. I thought it was so cute as I watched my dad fly it. Wonderful memories.

Curtiss Ryan Mooney, 09.06.2014

The Wee Bee's test pilot was William 'Bill' Chana who can be seen in a photo lifting the plane off the ground before flying *on* it. Check the FraserAeroTechnology website - or search Wee Bee photo and click on it's photo to go to the Fraser site for mire info; Wikipedia's info is shanty to say the least. My dad, Walt Mooney was on the design team for all three Beecraft airplanes, and flew the single-seat Honey Bee for nearly 20 years before corrosion forced him to retire it to a museum. I had many flights in it with dad when I was small enough to squeeze in beside him. It now belongs to the San Diego Aerospace Museum, where a relic if the Wee Bee is display too.

steve karl, 30.04.2014

I have a motor for one of these that i came across when an attic was cleaned out. there was a local marine air base near that i think it may have come from. anyone interesed?

qaz111111, 30.01.2014

This plane was designed and built by Ken Coward. He currently lives in Encinitas, California. I looked this plane up tonight after he told me about it. He was invited to bring it to the Marlborough airshow in England where it was exhibited and demonstrated. He told me the name of the test pilot (which I don't recall) but he said the test pilot was a B-29 flight instructor and a fine pilot.

Klaatu83, 23.04.2013

This was touted as being the smallest airplane in the world, and it may well have been that, at least at the time. I suppose that designing, building and flying it was simply one of those projects that are done simply to see if they can be done. The engine was a Righter/Kiekhaefer O-45 -35, an air-cooled flat twin producing 35-hp, a type of engine which was usually used in target drones.

Francois Margat, 05.08.2008

Please, communicateme details of construction of Weebee and
performences,engine type,empty weight ,etc.
Many years ago ise it in french edition of "Popular mechanic" Is the building plan now aveilable?
Thank you Francois

Bob DuHamel, 11.05.2007

This aircraft was destroyed in a fire that also destroyed the San Diego Aerospace Museum in 1978. A replica is on display at the San Diego Air & Space Museum.

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