Boeing 777
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Boeing 777

First flew on June 12, 1994. Entered service in 1995.

Boeing 777

 MODELBoeing 777
 ENGINE2 x General Electric GE90-B turbofans
    Take-off weight242672 kg535003 lb
    Wingspan60.9 m200 ft 10 in
    Length63.7 m209 ft 0 in
    Wing area377.7 m24065.53 sq ft
    Max. speed1038 km/h645 mph
    Cruise speed956 km/h594 mph
    Ceiling13160 m43200 ft

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john fow, 14.11.2011

How many b777 have been built--also how many b767? I flew both

I did a shit on an Indians fac, 20.10.2011

The indian still looked the same.

Exterminate Muslims!

malu, 18.06.2011

If Boeing would offer the 777 instead of the 767 for the Air Force's new KCX tanker competition, they would win hands down!

, 18.06.2011

Hi! I would like to know the information about specification of LCD monitor of business class seat.

Mick Skinner, 13.03.2011

The Flight Engineer on this airplane is to be found in a black box in the electronics bay.I was heavily involved with Boeing on the development of Maintenance Training for this Great ETOPS (engines turning or passengers swimming)Airplane for BA as we were a launch customer. Boeing pulled out all the stops to make the training the best you could get. Great times and great people.

ali akbar, 21.02.2011

Is there any flight engineer to asist pilot in boing 777

DY, 20.02.2011

I had the opportunity to fly business class and first class in this aircraft it was very comfortable think it was the highlight of the vacation

Jesse Mmmm., 13.02.2011

The cockpit section of this aircraft looks like a DC-10 at first glance. I wonder if this was what Boeing took from M/D in the takeover.

Scott Boyd, 31.10.2010

If Boeing would offer the 777 instead of the 767 for the Air Force's new KCX tanker competition, they would win hands down!

They would be better offering the 737-900 for the KCX and the 777 to replace the KC-10. Prolonging 767 production seems to be more the driving factor then replacing the KC135 with fewer bigger tankers when more similar size tankers makes more sense.

Bill Anderson, 27.10.2010

If Boeing would offer the 777 instead of the 767 for the Air Force's new KCX tanker competition, they would win hands down!

John Stottle, 27.10.2010

I had the privilege of flying this wonderful aircraft. A real dream. Great in x-winds and single engine capability is second to none.

Cpt. Fucko, 25.08.2010

The 777 will probably be the last plane Boeing keeps in operation with the exception of a few 787s. With the economy the way it is and more possible fuel hikes, it'll be hard to keep these kick-ass birds in the sky.

Kiril, 05.04.2010

I am able to offer Boeing 777 for sale. Contact me for more information.

Paul Cady, 15.02.2010

I had the privilege of participating in the design build teams that Boeing initiated as part of the process of bringing all the sub-contractors that would be manufacturing the 777 and the flight crews that would be flying the 777 together to work with Boeing design engineers to produce a plane that was user friendly. I also attended the rollout of the 1st 777 on April 9, 1994 as the mfg. engineering rep. of Kaman Aerospace. I also attended the rollout of the 777-300ER on November 14, 2002.
The 777-300ER uses the GE90-115B engine with 115,000 LB. Thrust and the plane has MTOW of 775,000 LB. One big twinjet.

dman, 17.01.2010

What would we do without boing and all its aircraft

Meyerm, 19.12.2009

Can you please get an article for the 787 up?

Kiril, 04.10.2009

I have Boeing 777 for sale. Contact me for more information.

Steve McEwan, 21.06.2009

2400 hours as captain on this one, virtually a 757 on steroids. As strong and heavy as the big airplanes look, because of the boosted controls and aeroelasticity of the structure they actually fly as if they are built of balsa and tissue paper. It's as if that big fuselage is filled with helium. Same for the 747. Hard to believe that big airplane will get in and out of short runways like Lihui and Mau, yet you can fill the seats and fly 14 hour flights with plenty of reserve fuel (though you will need a longer runway for that!)

Joseph Brotheim, 19.10.2007

Does this plane have individual air blowers?

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