Boeing F3B / Model 77


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Boeing F3B / Model 77

The XF3B-1 (Model 74) was built by Boeing as a private venture and externally resembled closely the F2B-1, but had provision for a single central float with outboard stabilising floats. Powered by a 425hp Pratt & Whitney R-1340 Wasp, it was flown for the first time on 2 March 1927 as a float seaplane. Showing no significant advance over the F2B-1, the XF3B-1 was returned to Boeing by the US Navy and completely rebuilt (as the Model 77), a redesigned undercarriage, wing and tail being introduced. In this new form the fighter proved successful and was the basis of an order from the US Navy for 73 production examples as F3B-1s. The F3B-1 was of mixed construction with wooden wings, a steel-tube fuselage and fabric skinning, but the ailerons and tail surfaces were of semi-monocoque all-metal construction with corrugated covering. Armament comprised two synchronised 7.62mm machine guns and provision was made for five 11kg bombs to be carried. The first flight of the rebuilt XF3B-1 took place on 3 February 1928, and the first production F3B-1, powered by an R-1340-B Wasp, was delivered to the US Navy on 23 November 1928.

Boeing F3B / Model 77A three-view drawing (1280 x 940)

  Take-off weight1336 kg2945 lb
  Empty weight988 kg2178 lb
  Wingspan10.06 m33 ft 0 in
  Length7.56 m25 ft 10 in
  Height2.79 m9 ft 2 in
  Wing area25.55 m2275.02 sq ft
  Max. speed253 km/h157 mph
  Range547 km340 miles

William Hertel, e-mail, 16.11.2013 20:48

This was the first operational aircraft of the "Red Rippers" VF-5 now VFA-11 at NAS Oceana, Va. Bch. Va. "Worlds Greatest Fighter Squadron!"


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