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Boeing Model 200 Monomail

With continuing requirement for aircraft of the cargo/mail-carrying category, Boeing began the development of a far more advanced version in 1929, one which was intended to provide far superior performance. A cantilever low-wing monoplane of all-metal construction, the Boeing Model 200 Monomail had a performance that benefited from a number of new ideas. The cantilever wing eliminated drag-inducing struts and bracing wires; a semi-monocoque fuselage structure provided a more streamlined shape; semi-retractable tailwheel landing gear ensured that most of the main unit structure was retracted within the wing; and the Pratt & Whitney Hornet B radial engine was surrounded by an anti-drag cowling. It retained a couple of features from the earlier Model 40, namely an open cockpit for the pilot, seated well aft, and the forward cargo/ mail compartments.

First flown on 6 May 1930, the Mono-mail was used for a number of tests and experimental flights before entering service on Boeing Air Transport's San Francisco - Chicago route in July 1931. The advanced design of this aircraft led to development of the Model 214 and Model 215 experimental bombers, and two variants of this basic civil design.

 MODELBoeing Model 200
 ENGINE1 x 429kW Pratt & Whitney Hornet B radial piston engine
  Take-off weight3629 kg8001 lb
  Empty weight2158 kg4758 lb
  Wingspan18.02 m59 ft 1 in
  Length12.56 m41 ft 2 in
  Max. speed254 km/h158 mph
  Cruise speed217 km/h135 mph
  Ceiling4265 m14000 ft
  Range853 km530 miles

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Klaatu83, e-mail, 27.04.2012 16:56

This mailplane was the progenitor of all the famous Boeing transport and bomber aircraft. The single-engine layout was abandoned in the early 1930s in favor of two engines after the government banned the use of single-engine transport aircraft for commercial use, and the Air Corps insisted upon multi-engine bombing aircraft. The result was the successful 247 airliner and B-9 bomber, both of which were larger twin-engine aircraft based upon the basic design of the Monomail.


STEPHEN GREEN, e-mail, 13.01.2011 21:43

A negative of this plane and others from the 1930's will be placed on ebay in the next week or so. the negative of the plane is after it was converted to a 221. they will be listed under kmweber on ebay, plane-nc725w


Duke Sumonia, e-mail, 21.07.2007 03:28

I'm a researcher with the Archeological group of the Colorado Aviation Historical Society.
Am researching the 2 Boeing Monomails NC 10225 and NC 725W. The latter crashed May 27, 1935 in Wyoming and we have accident report and have visited the crash site. NC 10225 is reported to have crashed near Pueblo Colorado in fall /winter of 1935. We are searching for the site and any information about accident. Would like to especially learn date. Any help appreciated

Duke Sumonia
Glen Haven, CO.


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