Boeing P-26 Peashooter
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Boeing P-26 Peashooter

The P-26 Peashooter was Boeing's first and last production monoplane fighter. Some 111 P-26A, 2 P-26B and 23 P-26C were built for the USAAC. The type had monoplane wings, the outer panels of which were externally braced with front and rear wires. The centre-section spars were constructed of steel with ribs and skin covering of aluminium alloy. Split-type trailing-edge flaps were later added to P-26A and were manually operated from the open cockpit. The semi-monocoque fuselage was also of aluminium alloy construction. A fixed, heavily trousered landing gear was fitted and power was provided by a 447kW Pratt & Whitney R-1340-27 or -33 radial engine. Armament comprised two forward-firing machine-guns of 7.62mm and/or 12.7mm calibre and two 55kg or five 15kg bombs could be carried.

Although never used in action by the USAAC, ex-Army P-26 acquired by the Philippine Air Force fought the Japanese during World War II and the 11 Model 281 export fighters for China must also have seen action against Japanese forces. In addition Panama and Guatamala received ex-USAAC P-26 and Spain received an export model.

Boeing P-26 PeashooterA three-view drawing (1693 x 1337)

 ENGINE1 x P+W R-1340-27, 440kW
    Take-off weight1340 kg2954 lb
    Empty weight996 kg2196 lb
    Wingspan8.5 m28 ft 11 in
    Length7.3 m24 ft 11 in
    Height3.2 m11 ft 6 in
    Wing area13.9 m2149.62 sq ft
    Max. speed377 km/h234 mph
    Cruise speed322 km/h200 mph
    Ceiling8350 m27400 ft
    Range1000 km621 miles
 ARMAMENT2 machine-guns, 2 x 45kg or 5 x 14kg bombs

Bob Alexander, 16.01.2016

A "Pea Shooter" was recently added to the Seattle Museum of Flights Great Gallery.

David DeMeyer, LTJG, USN, 10.02.2015

Fabulous web-site!

robert gerlaugh, 07.12.2014

Believe the head rest was reinforcd and heightend to protect pilots. This plus flaps made landings much safer

Marty Wise, 17.07.2011

Reason for the Peashooter tag ?
Due to 7.62mm / 12.7mm armament
A great fighter, now have !:48 scale model of the Bolling
D.C aircraft.

neiyi, 21.06.2011

To Earl Metzel, I say that one of these was donated to the Air Museum in Washington DC; and hangs from the ceiling there, in US markings

, 21.06.2011

Boeing P-26 Peashooter

Marshall Jennison, 31.05.2011

We went to the Cleveland Air Show when I was about 6 or 7(1936?) and I saw some lined up and never forgot them.

chuck lloyd, 09.12.2010

I wish to thank Jerry Orr for all the help he has given me. I am building a 1/3 scale p26 and I what it to be the best scale plane out here from the automotive dash light to the goodyear stream line tires. with the help from jerry and others I thank you. Chuck

Durkee, 26.11.2010

I remember an air show at Bishop airport in Flint MI. in 1933. There were six there from Selfridge Airbase in Mt. Clemens MI. near Detroit. They had trouble starting one of the planes, had to wind a very long rope with a sock over the prop to start it. They normally had a large shot gun like shell fired to turn the engine over and mag start.

Jackie, 08.08.2010

The P-26 Peashooter is one of the first monoplanes in the world. Lightweight and easy to fly, it remained in service for many years until the United States entered the war.

JERRY ORR, 18.05.2010

version that does have later added flaps and tail wheal. We have been at it for over 10 years. We are building it to Boeing plans just like the did in the early 1930s. Boeing sold them to the Army for $9999. Come down to the basement and see how much we have done.

JERRY ORR, 18.05.2010

There are only two original P-26s left in the world. One is in the Smithsonian and one in Chino California at the Planes of Fame museum. THEY FLY THEIRS IN THEIR AIRSHOWS. It sounds like it is tearing the air apart with short stacks and a very long propeller for that engine. I am building one at the San Diego Air and Space Museum. We are building an early

Al Mohle, 06.02.2010

I was a Major Engineer w/Boeing in Seattle during WWII and looking thru the photo books on the P-26 I seem to remember seeing photo's of two (2) 50 cal. forward firing machineguns.

Nelson Eskey, 18.01.2010

The P-26 that the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, Va.( has is a replica built by volunteers at Nate Mayo's "Mayocraft". I understand it had about 20hrs. on it before the museum bought it last summer, and is said to fly very well. You can "Yahoo" Mayocraft and watch several You Tube Mayocraft P-26 videos covering construction start to flights.

Tim Matthews, 31.08.2009

The Military Aviation Museum here in Virginia Beach VA recently acquired a Peashooter in restored condition - it really flys - the aviator has to be pretty skinny to fit inside the cockpit. A beautiful classic aircraft.

Bill Braden, 14.07.2008

These may have been the first fighters with fuel injection, made by ExCello.

Brian Dawson, 08.04.2008

Bar none, the most awesome looking airplane ever built. Art deco meets aerobatic blood. The example at Wright Pat is phenominal. From pure performance stats, it is certainly lagging the big muscle of later generation fighters, but I'd rather watch one perform at an airshow than an F15. I wish somebody would build a replica to fly on the circut.

Aero-Fox, 13.03.2008

The P-26 is possibly my favorite fighter aircraft ever. Heck, it was in service for over two decades, they have those classic fixed landing gear, and are small, light an maneuverable. Can't beat a classic...

Augusto de Leon Fajardo, 20.06.2007

I remember the ones left by the US army to the Guatemalan Air Force (sold for $1 each as PT-26; that is, trainers, to allay political misgivings. They were very maneuvrable, and were named "mosquitos" locally, because the peculiar sound made by their motors. They were still in service by 1954, twenty one years after entering service in the US...

To Earl Metzel, I say that one of these was donated to the Air Museum in Washington DC; and hangs from the ceiling there, in US markings

earl metzel, 02.03.2007

how many are left in the world and displayed

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