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Buhl CA-5 Airsedan

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Frank Samples, 09.08.2015

I was told that Buhl Aircraft had a factory in Marysville, MI in the 1920's. Anyone confirm?

GEORGE PAPINI, 01.12.2011

back when i was a kid of 9 1938 my uncle owned a buhl-verville airster, open cockpit biplane. about 1927 vintage

Stuart Fields, 22.11.2010

My uncle had a Buhl pup and never got his license but flew the dickens out of it and even did an inadvertent snap roll trying to make square turns that he saw Tex Rankin perform.

William Musladin, 29.08.2010

In 1940 or early 1941 in Marysville, California, I flew a Buhl Pup, a single seat, mid-wing monoplane. A few minutes in that small beast convinced me that I still had a lot to learn about flying!

Barry, 24.06.2010

The photo is a Buhl C5A. This was an improved model with a slightly better overall performance than the standard C5. The C5 sold for $12000 and the C5A for $13500. Powered by a Wright J5 engine delivering 225h.p. the C5 had a wing span of 42ft and a length of 27ft 8in. The C5 had a range of between 650 and 850 miles. Nine C5's were produced and seven C5A's.

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