Aircraft Hydro-Forming Bushmaster 2000
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Aircraft Hydro-Forming Bushmaster 2000

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Aircraft Hydro-Forming Bushmaster 2000

 ENGINE3 x P+W R-985-14BHP, 330kW
    Take-off weight5670 kg12500 lb
    Empty weight3400 kg7496 lb
    Wingspan23.7 m78 ft 9 in
    Length15.1 m50 ft 6 in
    Height4.2 m14 ft 9 in
    Wing area83.6 m2899.86 sq ft
    Cruise speed210 km/h130 mph
    Range w/max.payload1100 km684 miles

Edward Savard, 24.09.2013

My dad built the 1st bushmaster 2000 I helped build the 1st bushmaster at Long beach ca.I know the order in witch it took to put this plane together. and I can tell you the production and final assembly-to Flight was very hard and pulled the creative insides out of everyone. There were many many hand craftsman with sooo much talent, that the world will never see AGAIN. The airmen I worked with really wanted to push this Bushmaster into the sky.The catch word at the plant in Gardenia ca. was WILL SHE FLY ? I can tell you,Yess She can fly I sat in the right seat many many times when she was EXPERIEMINTAL. But this not about me. Its about My dad who Never gets very much credit for a Fantastic endevor along many others who are long gone and with so much of their personal energy,beyond their paycheck and much more. We all pushed her up in the air!!!!! The aircraft builder Iam talking about is Frenchy Savard of Long beach ca. and dont for get it.PS. the V in N7501V is for SaVard

Jerry Šenfluk, 09.10.2012

A couple of years ago, I got myself a pretty comprehensive passenger aircraft encyclopaedia, according to which only two of the Bushmasters were ever built. If anyone has a better information on the production scale, I'd love to hear about it.

deaftom, 02.04.2012

One of these is preserved in, and regularly flown by, the Golden Wings Flying Museum near Minneapolis, Minnesota. This collection also includes two genuine restored Ford Tri-Motors, which makes for a very interesting comparison and contrast between the Tri-Motors and their Bushmaster descendant.

Klaatu, 17.04.2011

First flown in 1966 and intended as a bush-plane, this was basically a modernized Ford Trimotor with more powerful engines, enlarged cockpit windows, a lighter and stronger aluminum-alloy skin, foot-operated hydraulic brakes, a larger stabilizer and dorsal fin to reduce yaw, modern trim tabs, and interior rather than exterior control cables.

Scott Boyd, 15.12.2010

A few of these were built in the 70's. I seem to remember one or more flying around the Grand Canyon at one point. Pretty much an update of the Ford Tri-motor.

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