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Cessna C-34

In June 1935 the prototype Model C-34 made its first flight, piloted by George Harte. Powered by a 108kW Warner Super Scarab, this was a four-seater which demonstrated its aerodynamic efficiency by achieving a maximum speed of 261km/h, compared with 238km/h for the much higher-powered DC-6B. Some 42 were built, two being impressed for USAAF under the designation UC-77B.

The Model C-37, introduced during 1937, brought in minor improvements to the furnishing of the cabin, which was widened by 12.7cm, and was fitted with electrically operated wing trailing-edge flaps. Some 46 C-37s were built, and one impressed in 1942 was designated UC-77C.

The 1938 Model C-38 again featured minor improvements, with some of the previously optional equipment fitted as standard; airframe changes included the provision of wider track landing gear and a large under-fuselage flap which served as an airbrake to reduce landing speed. Production of the C-38 amounted to 16 aircraft.

Cessna C-37

 ENGINE1 x Warner Super Scarab radial piston engine, 108kW
    Take-off weight1066 kg2350 lb
    Empty weight621 kg1369 lb
    Wingspan10.41 m34 ft 2 in
    Length7.52 m25 ft 8 in
    Height2.13 m7 ft 0 in
    Wing area16.81 m2180.94 sq ft
    Max. speed261 km/h162 mph
    Cruise speed230 km/h143 mph
    Ceiling5485 m18000 ft
    Range885 km550 miles

Bob Hartmaier, 04.02.2014

Doug, I have several sets of model plans in various scales. I am on vacation, but if you are looking for R/C plans I would be glad to get a set to you for the cost of copying and mailing. Shoot me an email in March to remind me, and I will see what I have. As I recall, they are all the C-37 version, but could easily be modified into a C-145/165.

Bob Hartmaier, 04.02.2014

That's a rather corny movie, but does have some interesting flying scenes. The factory drawings actually have the engineering data for the one wheel landing. Cloudy Doug, if you are looking for R/C plans, they are out there on the net. If you are looking for original factory drawings, they are available on a CD for $250. Post a comment if you are interested in more info for the factory drawings and I can give you contact info.

Steve White, 17.01.2014

Fyi The C-34 NC15821 I just saw in the 1939 movie Women in the wind on theTMC channel. The plane is still registered. The movie is about a cross country race for women.

doug cloud, 31.10.2011

Does anyone know if there are any plans or blue print avaiable for the airmaster? thanks
in the Clouds

Bob Hartmaier, 11.10.2010

I own a Cessna C-34. To Ross Cameron, I don't think that there was ever any such aircraft as a "C130 Airmaster". The C-130 is a Lockheed product that was first produced in 1954; it has four turboprop engines.

george copeland, 23.08.2009

My service at Cessna was terminated in 1943 when I entered the military. I served as an aerial gunner on a B-24 flying out of England.

george copeland, 23.08.2009

I was working for Cessna in 1940 & 1942. An airmaster was flown in after service in Alaska for one year. It was in for a factory overhall. Fabric had an ungodly bunch of patches. a part of the longerons were removed and 2X6 planks used a a floor behind the pilot and passenger seats. The passenger seats were removed. All of this was to increase the cargo space. I was told that it was flown from Seattle to Wichita with special permision of The Caa. I do not know all of this is true or not but I did see the airplane and it was a wreck from misuse and modifications for situation it was used for.

Ross Cameron, 15.06.2008

I wonder if you can help?
I have a scale model of a C130 Airmaster G-AEAI built by my father using his own plans in 1953.
it is as a model perfect in every detail stored in a world war 2 ammunition box. It won him 'Model Engineer' of the year award. I have the photograph of him receiving the award and the medal itself. although needing slight repair work it is in wonderful condition.
I am looking for a buyer and would love it to go to the cessna archives .
Please contact me if you are interested.
I am in Chester, England, United Kingdom,

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