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Cessna Model 402B

When flown for the first time on 18 July 1962, the Cessna Model 411 then represented the company's largest business aircraft. Generally similar in configuration to the Model 310, it differed by having slightly increased wing span and area, a lengthened fuselage, more powerful 254kW Continental GTSIO-520-C flat-six turbocharged engines and accommodation for a crew of two and four to six passengers. Production of the Model 411 was discontinued in June 1978, afterthe production of 400 examples, a small number of which were supplied to the French air force.

On 26 August 1965 Cessna flew the prototype of a generally similar aircraft which served for two new aircraft, the Model 401 and Model 402, and when FAA certification of the Model 401 prototype was awarded on 20 September 1966 it covered also the Model 402. These two aircraft represented lower-cost versions of the Model 411, differing primarily by having two 224kW Continental TSIO-520-E flat-six engines and some reduction in basic installed equipment. The Model 401 accommodated a crew of two and four to six passengers, but the Model 402 had a cabin layout which permitted a quick change from nine-seat commuter use to an all-cargo configuration.

Production of the Model 401 was phased out in mid-1972, with development then being concentrated on the Model 402 which, in December 1971, had been named Utiliner. At the same time a new version of the Model 402 was introduced as the Businessliner. Both versions, powered by 242kW TSIO-520-VB engines, were progressively improved and remained in production for some time, as the 10-seat Utiliner II small convertible passenger/ cargo airliner and the Businessliner II executive transport able to carry 2-6 passengers. The final version was the Businessliner III corporate transport fitted with more sophisticated avionics, including weather radar. A downturn in sales led to production ceasing in 1986 by which time a total of 1,540 Cessna 402 variants had been built, including 12 delivered to the Royal Malaysian Air Force in 1975.

 MODELModel 402 Businessliner
 ENGINE2 x Continental TSIO-520-VB flat-six turbocharged piston engines, 242kW
  Take-off weight3107 kg6850 lb
  Empty weight1845 kg4068 lb
  Wingspan13.45 m44 ft 2 in
  Length11.09 m36 ft 5 in
  Height3.49 m11 ft 5 in
  Wing area20.98 m2225.83 sq ft
  Max. speed428 km/h266 mph
  Cruise speed307 km/h191 mph
  Ceiling8200 m26900 ft
  Range w/max.fuel2359 km1466 miles

joel Rahming, e-mail, 15.04.2022 23:23

My company in the Bahamas, is looking to lease a cessna 402 aircraft.
Please provide information.


Jim Kelly, e-mail, 13.12.2011 05:01

We had a new C-411 in Quito, Ecuador in 65-67 while working for the American Embassy. It was a great airplane and trued out around 206 in normal cruise. The GTISO-520's produced 320 hp.


André Favero, e-mail, 27.10.2011 18:45

Pergunto se este avião pode voar voar sdem a porta traseira para lançamento de paraquedistas?


deaftom, e-mail, 31.03.2011 03:37

"There was also a four engine 411 in the 50's that never reached production."

You're probably thinking of the circa-1956 Cessna 620, the only four-engined plane Cessna ever built. It was an early attempt at what we would now call a business aircraft, or perhaps a small feederliner. It never progressed past the single prototype.


Scott Boyd, e-mail, 01.03.2011 20:24

If I remember correctly the 411 was the first version in 1962. There was also a four engine 411 in the 50's that never reached production.

The 401-402 came out in 1965 the most obvious difference being the larger vertical stabilizer and less powerful engines. The 401 was the executive version the 402 the utility version.

The 421 was the same airframe reinforced for pressurization with geared engines for more power and was replaced by the 421A the next year and the 421B, with the longer nose, came out in 1970 and the C, without the tip tanks in 1975.

The 414 came out in 1968 and was basically a 421A with smaller engines, the Chancellor,without tip tanks and the longer nose came out in 1978.

The 425, with pt6's came out in 1980, one big change from the 421C was the horizontal stabilizer redesigned to keep it out of the prop wash. I flew a 421 with PT-6's, a Riley conversion, the stabilizer had to be rebuilt a number of times.


Col. John Hanberg, e-mail, 01.03.2011 00:52

Was the Cessna 414 & 425 a variant of the 402 or 411 ?


H L, e-mail, 03.09.2010 01:52

for a school project, what's the asking price?


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