Cessna Model 414 Chancellor
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Cessna Model 414 Chancellor

To provide a pressurised twin-engined transport which would serve as a 'step-up' aircraft for owners of light un-pressurised twins, Cessna married the basic fuselage of the Model 421 with the wing developed for the Model 401. The resulting aircraft was designated Cessna Model 414, flown for the first time on 1 November 1968 and certificated during the following August. A number of optional seating layouts for up to seven passengers plus a wide range of cabin appointments were available to customers, and new features introduced on the aircraft included engine cowlings with flush intakes to improve engine cooling and an accurate fuel monitoring system developed by Cessna to provide better fuel management.

From the time of its introduction until 1976, improvements introduced for the Model 402 were reflected in the Model 414, and in that year the name Chancellor was adopted. It was available for 1976 in standard and Model 414 II versions, the latter incorporating a package of factory-installed avionics and equipment. For 1978, after 513 of the original Model 414s had been built, an improved version was introduced as the Model 414A Chancellor, major changes including a redesigned and increased-span wing incorporating integral fuel tanks and more baggage capacity in an extended nose.

Versions available between 1978 and 1986, were the standard Model 414A Chancellor, the Chancellor II an.d later the Chancellor III, all with differing factory installed avionic/equipment packages. When Model 414/414A production ended in 1986 a total of 1,067 variants had been built.

 MODELModel 414A Chancellor
 ENGINE2 x Continental TSIO-520-NB flat-six turbocharged piston engines, 231kW
    Take-off weight3062 kg6751 lb
    Empty weight1994 kg4396 lb
    Wingspan13.45 m44 ft 2 in
    Length11.09 m36 ft 5 in
    Height3.49 m11 ft 5 in
    Wing area20.98 m2225.83 sq ft
    Max. speed436 km/h271 mph
    Cruise speed340 km/h211 mph
    Ceiling9390 m30800 ft

Pedro, 23.12.2008

Vo tomar no olho dos seus cus, seus filhos de uma puta. to aqui comendo a bunda de suas mes seus burros trouxas viados.

Pedro, 23.12.2008

Vo tomar no olho dos seus cus, seus filhos de uma puta. to aqui comendo a bunda de suas mes seus burros trouxas viados.

peter bludau, 06.05.2008

window changes(cabin window)

peter bludau, 06.05.2008

starting 1973 to 1977(414) had the windows changed from 4 to 5 and larger etc. in 1978(414A) wing tip tanks where droped in favor of a longer wing and nose and more fuel sizes are different between 414 and 414A, as well as the performance. peter

Anton, 18.12.2007

What price limits at this machine?

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