Cessna Model 550 Citation II


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Cessna Model 550 Citation II

Development of the Cessna business jet family continued with the Model 550 Citation II. Announced in September 1976, the prototype first flew on 31 January 1977. Powered by two 1130kg JT15D-4 engines, the 8-12-seat aircraft featured a lengthened fuselage, increased span wings and more fuel and baggage space. Certification followed in March 1978, and the Citation II/SP cleared for single-pilot operation in July 1984. The Citation II was taken out of production in 1984 when 503 had been built, but resumed in 1987. By the end of 1989 667 plus 15 T-47As had been delivered, making the Model 550 the best selling business jet. In October 1983 the revised Citation S/ll was announced and the first production aircraft made its initial flight on 14 February 1984, with deliveries following soon after. This version has the JT15D-4B engine giving more power at higher altitudes, a new aerofoil section wing, leading-edge extensions, modified engine pylons and increased cabin headroom and baggage capacity. A further modified version of the Citation S/ll, the Model 552, was selected in May 1983 by the US Navy for training radar intercept operators and 15 examples designated T-47A are currently in service. These have shorter span wings and more powerful 1315kg JT15D-5 engines. The T-47A first flew on 15 February 1984.

Cessna Model 550 Citation IIA three-view drawing (1143 x 1602)

Bob Leonard, e-mail, 26.10.2010 02:11

Flew the C500, C501,C550 North, Central & South America, and Africa. They all fly well and are easy to land. The JT15 gives good reliable service. Not big inside but Cessna has done a good job making them comfortable. Only down side is their speed...especially if you were used to something in the Mach .75 to .85 range.


Garry Scarboro, e-mail, 31.08.2010 03:25

They forgot the Citation Bravo


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