Cessna Model T303 Crusader
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Cessna Model T303 Crusader

On 14 February 1978 Cessna flew the prototype (N303PD) of a new lightweight twin-engined aircraft which it then designated Cessna Model 303 Clipper. In this prototype form it was a four-seat aircraft of low-wing monoplane configuration with the wing incorporating a super-critical aerofoil section. Other features included retractable tricycle landing gear, swept vertical tail surfaces with a long dorsal fin, extensive use of bonded construction and power-plant comprising two 119kW engines. Before the certification programme began it was superseded by a new Model T303 which reverted to conventional construction, had six-seat accommodation, was powered by two turbocharged engines of increased output, and had acquired the new name Crusader because the earlier title of Clipper infringed a US trademark.

Cessna claimed the Crusader was the first lightweight twin of its class to have full IFR avionics and equipment as standard, and that handling of the aircraft benefited from the high set tailplane, coupled with unusually, counter rotating engines, which minimise engine torque effect. Production model Crusaders were certificated in August 1981, and first deliveries followed in October. When production ceased in 1986 297 had been delivered.

Cessna Model T303 CrusaderA three-view drawing (1000 x 607)

 ENGINE1 x Continental TSIO-520-AE + 1 x LTSIO-520-AE turbocharged counter-rotating flat-six piston engines, 186kW each
    Take-off weight2336 kg5150 lb
    Empty weight1499 kg3305 lb
    Wingspan11.9 m39 ft 1 in
    Length9.27 m30 ft 5 in
    Height4.06 m13 ft 4 in
    Wing area17.58 m2189.23 sq ft
    Max. speed400 km/h249 mph
    Cruise speed363 km/h226 mph
    Ceiling7620 m25000 ft
    Range1889 km1174 miles

Aircharter Picard, 07.08.2012

Great aircraft with good short TO and LDG capabilities and low empty weights. A little weak brakes, however sturdy gear. Dependable engines, only their starter drives are a mess.
A real pleasure to fly.

Brian Groves, 06.03.2012

Owned N6498V since Jan 1990. Absolutely fabulous aeroplane!

sandeep Pradhan, 17.12.2011

One of the Finest model aircraft

John Cutcliffe, 13.05.2011

My e-mail address denotes my great appreciation for the wonderful times in my 303. Could not have a single improvement for the purpose intended. GREAT AIRPLANE

Christiano Casanova, 05.08.2010

not fast but great why stop a good thing

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