Consolidated P2Y
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Consolidated P2Y

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Consolidated P2YA three-view drawing (800 x 696)

 ENGINE2 x 750hp Wright R-1820-90
    Take-off weight11471 kg25289 lb
    Empty weight5797 kg12780 lb
    Wingspan30.48 m100 ft 0 in
    Length18.82 m62 ft 9 in
    Height5.82 m19 ft 1 in
    Wing area140.66 m21514.05 sq ft
    Max. speed224 km/h139 mph
    Cruise speed188 km/h117 mph
    Ceiling4907 m16100 ft
    Range1900 km1181 miles
 ARMAMENTOne flexible 7.62mm Browning in bows; two dorsal gun hatches in wmgs

Klaatu83, 18.02.2013

This was a later development of the design of the unsuccessful PY-1 Navy flying boat and it's more successful commercial derivative, the Commodore. Unlike it's predecessor, the P2Y won a substantial production order from the Navy, and led to the design of the famous Catalina flying boat. Some of these P2Y aircraft were still in service, in a training role, when WW-II began.

Ken Berner, 26.07.2011

These were still in service with Navy Patrol Squadron VP-5F at Coco Sola N.A.S., Panama canal Zone in 1937 when my father took command of that squadron.

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