Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer
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Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer

The PB4Y-2 was a long-range oversea bomber-reconnaissance development of the PB4Y-1 Liberator. The original contract was placed with Consolidated by the US Navy in May 1943 and work on three prototypes started almost immediately. Four months later, on 20 September, the first prototype flew. It used the same Davis wing and landing gear as the Liberator but was otherwise a new design embodying most of the structural features of its predecessor. The most obvious change was the single fin and rudder. The fuselage forward of the wings was lengthened and armament was rearranged to include a Consolidated nose turret, two Martin dorsal turrets, a Consolidated tail turret and two Erco 'blister'-type waist turrets on the fuselage sides, all with 12.7mm Browning machine-guns. A total of 740 were built. A transport version was also built as the RY-3, of which a small number found their way into US Navy and RAF service.

Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer

 ENGINE4 x 1,350hp Pratt & Whitney R-1830-94
    Take-off weight29510 kg65059 lb
    Empty weight17018 kg37518 lb
    Wingspan33.53 m110 ft 0 in
    Length22.73 m75 ft 7 in
    Height9.17 m30 ft 1 in
    Wing area97.36 m21047.97 sq ft
    Max. speed382 km/h237 mph
    Cruise speed225 km/h140 mph
    Ceiling6309 m20700 ft
    Range4508 km2801 miles
 ARMAMENT12 x 12.7mm machine-guns

Consolidated PB4Y-2 PrivateerA three-view drawing (948 x 836)

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VAnce Kirkpatrick, 01.09.2017

I transferred from Kwajalein to ATU 600, about. January 1954. I worked on a check stand for a few weeks, went to plane captain school and was then assigned a plane and was a plane captain. Later we flew the 4 Ys to Arizona for storage and was assigned to ATU 601 and a P2 V 2. I was discharged 10 12 1955 and went back to California., went into law enforcement. I had started learning to fly when I went thru AD A school at NAS Memphis.I ended up flying airplanes and helicopters on the job , we had probably the largest police air unit in the nation.
After 34 years on the job I retired. ONe of the best things I ever did was joining the Navy in 1951.

Tom Dailey, 04.05.2017

Uncle Bill - William J. Smatla AD(j)-1 ret was plane captain on several - at Hutchison NAS (KS) they trained French Aeronavelle pilots & crews to fly the acft. in Fr. Indochina (Vietnam). Later went into P2Vs, but always like the "Lib"... but said working on them in the Winter was brutal. Fair Winds & Following Seas - Tom, former RMC USN (the only "blackshoe" in the family!)

Klaatu83, 07.09.2016

Although designed as a high-altitude strategic bomber, the B-24 had proved to be equally effective in the roles of long-range maritime patrol and Anti-submarine warfare. The PB4Y was essentially a B-24 optimized for the maritime roles. The most obvious in external differences were that the supercharged high-altitude engines of the B-24 were exchanged for un-supercharged engines optimized for operation at lower altitudes, the belly gun turret was deleted and large side blisters added both as observation posts and gun platforms. The single tail fin was a feature that had already been developed for a version of the B-24 that was never placed into production. Of course, inside there were a lot of other changes made to adapt the aircraft from operation by the AAF to operation by the Navy.

Dan Otto, 28.06.2016

My dad, Bob Otto, was the tail gunner on the Daisy May and was awarded the DFC for the actions detailed in the painting "Blue Raiders Triumph" and was also awarded the purple heart when wounded on Tinian. I have many pictures my dad took if anyone wants to see them posted.

Zech Falcon, 12.02.2016

My grandfather was with VBP-116 (Blue Raiders) on the "Worrybird" serial #38960. I would love to hear from anyone who has information about his crew.

Scott Dykstra, 21.11.2015

My grandfather flew the consolidated PB4Y-2 in either VPB 120 OR 122 out of shemya. His name was Jerome Bolda though he liked to go by Jay. Please contact me if you have served with him or know someone who did. My email is thank you.

Marty, 28.09.2015

There was a crash of a PB4Y Privateer on May 1, 1945, piloted by Lt J.W. Holt. It was shot down after doing a strafing run on a Jap garrison just outside Lingshui, on Hainan Island in China. The bodies were recovered in 1949. That location is in the jungle about 1.5 km from my house. Somewhere there is a website with the crash location on it. Can anyone direct me to that website?

steve piper, 08.08.2015

Hello...Yankee Air Museum is restoring Buno 59876 in the markings of ATU-12 during the lard '40's. Does anyone have pictures or offer help with markings and insignia? Thank you

Ken Hayward, 02.08.2015

My father in law, Robert J Britton, was on board a Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer when it was forced down by bad weather at night in 1947. The aircraft crash landed at Barin Field,near Foley Alabama. My father in law was the only person injured, sustaining a very serious gash to the palm of one hand. He always praised the skill of the pilot in saving everyone's lives. We have pictures of the crash and some of the crew, but have no idea how to find out about the incident. We would like to find out as much as we can about the crash.Does anyone know where we could look for that information?

John Evans, 03.07.2015

My Dad, John Evans, was with Crew M-26 of VPB-197. He was a radioman and trained in PB4Y-1 and then went to Pacific where he flew on PB4Y-2. This was from late 1944-1946.
His flight log listed many Bureau #'s but mainly #59636 & 59666.
Would love to hear from anyone regarding this.

Jack Wing, 19.06.2015

Flew as a radioman in VP-22 in 49-50 out of NAS Barber's Point Hawaii. Transitioned to P2V-4's when Korea broke out.
Great and reliable plane.

Mellinda Baillieul, 03.05.2015

My dad, then Lt. William M.Miller, flew with VPB-116 "Blue Raiders". Received Navy Cross. Would love to hear from anyone still around who knew him. He passed away in 1965 when I was only 16. Melinda Baillieul

Dan Karraker, 02.05.2015

My Dad flew as a plane captain, (flight engineer?) in Korea in the early 1950's. I believe he was in VP 9. His name was Larry Karraker. He didn't talk alot about his experience there, would love to hear from anyone that has any information. Thank You.

Hank Rausch, 07.03.2015

Enlisted in January 55,graduated boot camp Apr55, went to NAS Glenview. Wanted to fly. Became an on the job (OJT) striker/trainee for the Radioman-Gunner rate [Aviation Electronicsman (AL) rate] which was disestablished in late 55/early 56. Flew as top gunner/2nd radioman in rear compartment. Don't remember BuNO, but flew on #203. Plane had large red stripe completely surrounding rear of plane with name "GLENVIEW" in white letters amidships. Tail (rudder) letter was "V" indicating Glenview. Main function was training/maintaining skills of multi-engine crews and the aviators attending CIC school at Glenview. Wentto Hspital corps School at Grt.Lks. in Jun 56 and returned to Glenview in Dec 56. All PB4Y-2s gone, replaced by P2Vs. There is a Privateer being reconditioned at Chino Airport/Museum, CA and there is another one still owned by the Navy on the bottom of Lake Washington, Seattle WA (ran off runway at NAS Sand Point). Retired Jun 85 as a MACM.

Dick H. Smith, 02.02.2015

I was a co-pilot, VPB 122, Shemya, Aug.6.- 1945-Sep.2, 1945.
Plane commander Ham Dawes. Good flying ship! Weather, excellant. I'm 94 yrs.

Curt Bronson, 19.11.2014

My grandpa Dave Bronson was the pilot of the PB4Y-2 bomber
The Miss Sea-Ducer. He was with VPB-116. I have his flight log books and alot of information about him and his crew. If anyone has or wants information about it feel free to contact me.

Steve Piper, 09.10.2014

ps, my email is

Steve Piper, 09.10.2014

Hello, Yankee Air Museum is working on 59876 and will be marking her as a training unit out of Corpus Christi. Time frame will be 1947-1950. I was hoping someone can help with accurate markings and locations for a Privateer from one of the training units that was based there. Please contact me with any information or photos from this time period. Thank you very much. Steve

Norm, 18.08.2014

Oct. 1951 FASRON/101 NAS Quonset Pt. newly-wed AT-1 recalled from honeymoon, to be part of 1st detachment flying to Keflavik, Iceland; to establish the new FASRON 107. My task: set-up /supervise new Radar Maintenance Shop- & live in a Quonset hut; without Bride of ~ 6 weeks! Bah Humbug !

Matt Costantino, 17.07.2014

My fiance's grandfather was Ens. John A. Childers with VP-106 the Wolverators in 1945. He told a story about having to land his plane on Hainan Island after losing 2 engines. If anyone recognizes the name or the incident, please feel free to reach out. Thanks!

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