Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer
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Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer

The PB4Y-2 was a long-range oversea bomber-reconnaissance development of the PB4Y-1 Liberator. The original contract was placed with Consolidated by the US Navy in May 1943 and work on three prototypes started almost immediately. Four months later, on 20 September, the first prototype flew. It used the same Davis wing and landing gear as the Liberator but was otherwise a new design embodying most of the structural features of its predecessor. The most obvious change was the single fin and rudder. The fuselage forward of the wings was lengthened and armament was rearranged to include a Consolidated nose turret, two Martin dorsal turrets, a Consolidated tail turret and two Erco 'blister'-type waist turrets on the fuselage sides, all with 12.7mm Browning machine-guns. A total of 740 were built. A transport version was also built as the RY-3, of which a small number found their way into US Navy and RAF service.

Consolidated PB4Y-2 Privateer

 ENGINE4 x 1,350hp Pratt & Whitney R-1830-94
    Take-off weight29510 kg65059 lb
    Empty weight17018 kg37518 lb
    Wingspan33.53 m110 ft 0 in
    Length22.73 m75 ft 7 in
    Height9.17 m30 ft 1 in
    Wing area97.36 m21047.97 sq ft
    Max. speed382 km/h237 mph
    Cruise speed225 km/h140 mph
    Ceiling6309 m20700 ft
    Range4508 km2801 miles
 ARMAMENT12 x 12.7mm machine-guns

Consolidated PB4Y-2 PrivateerA three-view drawing (948 x 836)

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Charles R. Wirt,, 01.04.2014

For Theodore I. Myer, my dad flew with VU-2 at NAS Chinco 1946-47, safety pilot in drone F6F's primarily as Ensign, possibly Lt.J.G., Dares E. Wirt. He is now retired near Atlanta GA from Lockheed & USNR, VA/VF-672. He & my mother rented a small cottage on the island, separated from active duty, completed Ga Tech, then back with USNR. Never flew PV4Y's, but I will look up his logbook if you are interested.

Steve Piper,, 20.01.2014

Does anyone have any pictures or information on the markigs of Privateers based out of Corpus Cristi late '40s, early '50s timeframe?

Curt Bronson,, 05.01.2014

I am the grandson of David E. Bronson the pilot of the PB4Y-2 VPB-116. I have alot of information, photos and storys about members of the Bronson crew. Charles l thomas, i would really like to answer some questions. 502 876-7978

TJ Meyer,, 15.12.2013

I work for NASA at Wallops Flight Facility, formerly Chincoteague Naval Auxiliary Air Station, and have been collecting stories and photos from former Navy servicemen who were there from 1943-1959. I would be very interested in talking to anyone who trained, flew or worked at Chinco.

TJ Meyer,, 15.12.2013

I work at NASA Wallops FLight Facility, formerly the Chincoteague Naval Auxiliary Air Station from 1943 - 1959. I have been collecting many photos and stories of servicemen who trained, flew and worked at Chinco. Please contact me and I might be able to connect you to some photos and former servicemen.

Bill Fann,, 12.12.2013

My Father Served in the Pacific during WWI. His plane was the Long Island Belle He was a wing leader and a waist gunner. He went by Red and was on Tinian,Leyte and served with CASA Su 9. Does anyone remember anything about this plane or crews(s?)

John Bradford,, 02.12.2013

I was privelged to fly both the PB4Y-1 LIBERATOR (Army B-24J), about 1400 pilot hours, and the PB4Y-2 PRIVATEER, about 900 pilot hours. I've noted mistakes in this segment of the internet calling the PRIVATEER a "Navy B-24", it was not! I felt that the 4Y-2 was a nicer flying bird than the 4Y-1. With all the extra armament, it was quite formadible-looking.

Einar Widerberg,, 18.07.2013

i read in a Norwegian Air History magazine about a naval Privateer which was shot doen by Soviet fighters off the coast of Latvia 8 April 1950. Later two Swedish reconnaisance aircraft were also shot down (1952). This resulted in a new project in order to get important military information from the USSR: sending ballons from Norway, they followed jet streams across the USSR and China and were picked up by the Americans over the Pacific.

Albert B. Southwick,, 11.05.2013

I was a copilot on a Privateer, Squadron VPV 120, stationed on Shemya Island in the far western Aleutians in early 1945. I am 93 years old. Terrible flying weather!

Neil F. MacDonald,, 11.05.2013

My oldest brother, ADJC Murdoch A. MacDonald USN (Ret.) was a crewchief on PB4Y1s & 2s. He was in VD-1 and VB-101. Out doing photo recon in the Pacific during the war. He is 91 now and lives in Phoenix. His e-mail is I'm not usre if he keeps up with his e-mail. You can e-mail me and I will let him know. Man, he had some close calls. He went into AJ-2 Savages after the war.

HAL EMITT SR,, 27.02.2013


Craig Munschy,, 23.01.2013

My father Louis Munschy flew PB4y2 during the war. He was in VPB-123. He would love to hear from anyone that may remember him. He also was in an B24 that crashed just off of Hawaii while being ferried. Shortly after the crash he was flying Privateers overseas....(559)243-6688...All of you were so brave and we are proud!!!

Walter Motz,, 09.01.2013

I used to fly in these out of NAS Columbus OH. VP692.

H. O. Hall,, 12.12.2012

Flew as first radio for LtCmdr J. f. Curran (1944-5) Hutchinson, San Diego, Palawan (VPB 111-117). Great guy, good crew, good aircraft. He and my replacement went down all hands in March or April -46 in PI.

michael turner,, 04.12.2012

My dad, Shirley Turner, was a chief gunners mate in VPB108 19Jan45-31Aug45 and served in Peleliu,Tinian,Iwo Jima,Tinian,Ioo Jima. His DFC medal papers list 25 missions and installatio of 20 Millimeter canon in place of bombsite. He died before I was smart enough to ask him about his service. I would love to have any information on which flight crew, which PB4Y, crew mates,pictures? Any information would be so appreciated. I would reimburse for picture copies or other cost. A side note to all who served I am in awe each time I read an account of the heroic service of each crew member and their bravery. Thank you!

Tom Dailey,, 22.11.2012

Uncle Bill - Smatla, William J, AD(j)1 USN (ret) was a plane captain on Privateers. Flew out of Hutchison, KS, Puerto Rico, & antisub pats over NorLant. I grew up hearing the stories. Artist Joe Militch of Denver did a series of terrific pen & ink drawings of it - I bought him one which hangs in MY living room, now. Tom Dailey, RMC USN (the only "blackshoe" in the family!)

david L. Wilson,, 15.11.2012

My husband was there when this took place on Guam and can tell you all you need to know about the accident and will be glad to taqlk to you. Either by email or you may call and talk personally if perfered...918-857-1740

Mark Baker Jr,, 22.09.2012

My Dad was a tailgunner and radio with VPB122 he had orders to go to the south pacfic he was sent to Aleutians.My father is telling my brother and I some of his times when he was there,about the missions and of the great freindship he has made with his crew,he also told us about good the aircraft was.I have a model of the PBY4-2 that Iam building for him and my self of unit.
From one veteran to all the WWII vets thankyou for your service to this country

William R. Dalton,, 03.08.2012

My Dad flew the PBY4 somewhere in England in 1944. He was an Ensign and the a JG. He transferred over to the Air Force in the 50s and flew the B26 . He would be 88 today. He lost his life in April of 1957 while piloting a B57A based at Eglin AFB Fl.. The crash was based on engine failure and severe weather.

Steve Stringer,, 01.07.2012

My uncle was aboard a PB4Y-2A, Bureau Number 59777, that disappeared on 30 November 1945. It had departed NAS Kodiak bound for NAS Seattle. Their last position report placed them in the vicinity of Sitka. Then nothing. The search revealed no sign of the aircraft. If anyone has more information on this incident I would appreciate you sharing it with me.

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