Convair 880
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Convair 880

Announced in April 1956, the Convair 880 was produced as a medium-range jet transport. It was built in two versions: the 880 Model 22 basic model with 49.8kN General Electric CJ-805-3 turbojet engines, flown for the first time on 27 January 1959; and the 880 Model 22-M with 51.8kN CJ-805-3B turbojets, power-boosted rudder and four leading-edge slats. The first 880 Model 22-M flew on 3 October 1960. Most 880s had been withdrawn from service by their original operators by 1973.

Convair 880

 ENGINE4 x GE CJ-805, 51.8kN
    Take-off weight87540 kg192994 lb
    Empty weight42185 kg93002 lb
    Wingspan36.6 m120 ft 1 in
    Length39.4 m129 ft 3 in
    Height11.0 m36 ft 1 in
    Wing area185.8 m21999.93 sq ft
    Cruise speed990 km/h615 mph
    Range w/max.fuel7100 km4412 miles
    Range w/max.payload6400 km3977 miles

Convair 880A three-view drawing (1346 x 678)

Convair 880

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Ray Jensen, 12.03.2011

I worked at DL operations ord 1959-1992 worked all the ground handeling jobs on the 880, including loadplanner
later became a crew scheduler and scheduled the ord base
880 pilots. I think this was the sharpest looking aircraft in the DL fleet

Richard Hinkley, 22.02.2011

I flew engineer and copilot for 3 0r 4 years on the 880 for Delta. You could tell it was around by the black exhaust smoke on takeoff. Only bad flying characteristic was Dutch roll. After a while it never happened to you. A little cross control eliminated it. Or you could turn on the yaw damper after takeoff, but not during. You could drop it out of the sky with main landing gear speedbrake and spoilers but it was easy to catch the cabin and have to slow the descent rate. Some controllers didn't realize you were going to be doing about 160 knots on approach and would get you to close to the guy ahead of you. No slats. Had instant power with single spool engines.

Gary Walter, 14.02.2011

Elvis Presley's CV-880 was ship 804 which was purchased from Delta Airlines... It presently sits across the street from Graceland in Memphis Tn. at the E.P. museum. I was with Delta from 1962-1995 and flew on this plane out of ORD and also out of DTW between 1962-and 1968.

Ken, 11.02.2011

Worked operations for DL 1969-2001. If you could put it in the cargo bins, this acft would get it off the ground. Best airliner I ever flew in. Thanks for the memories

John zeigler, 11.02.2011

Worked for DL 1963-2001. Great plane agree with what you all said above .
I was even hijacked when traveling as a non rev

Jim Davenport, 05.02.2011

I flew the 22M model...had been a testbed for FAA until they gave it to the navy. It was converted into a tanker for the F-18 test and development program and later used for other tests out of Patuxent NAS, MD. I was a contract pilot for Flight Systems, Inc. at the time. Enjoyed the airplane.

James, 31.01.2011

Does ELVIS have thee last remaning non derelict cv880 on earth? thank you EPE for keeping up a legend two to be exact!

Freedom Fighter, 12.01.2011

Elvis' own pet bird. You can still find this beauty in Graceland.

richard f. green, 11.01.2011

I flew the CV-880 with T.W.A. during my 33 year career; best handling of the eleven types I experienced; very sensitive and was a dream to fly; no leading-edge devices resulted in very high approach speeds but marvelous landings; best commercial aircraft in my estimation.

Anton Castrillo, 26.12.2010

I flew the CV-880-22 as Captain with LANICA (Nicaraguan ailines) from July 1971 to to the end of 1977. I logged 4800 hours. Simple put: the best jet I have ever flown. I was trained by TWA in Kansas City, MO. It felt like a fighter plane. Good memories!

TOBY CANLAS, 16.12.2010

Convair 880 Civil Air Transport , 1963 . The best aircaraft I ever flew in the Far East. Sleek and Fast.

Brian Rose, 12.12.2010

I was an air traffic controller at LAX 1971-1973. TWA flew some CV880's. To the controllers they were called "water wagons" due to the water injection used on takeoff, thus creating a teriffic smoke trail from each engine.

Janet Walmsley, 15.11.2010

ah, the convair a reserve f/a out of ny, i was assigned to cover a flight out of ord and lucky enough to fly this beauty.....what a great aircraft......"thanks for the memories"

David Oakes, 08.10.2010

Fine Aircraft. Had the pleasure to work on the assembly line in San Diego. My job was to crawl up inside the wing section and tack rag the whole inside which was used as the fuel cell. Interesting design

M. Mangan, 29.09.2010

I flew the CV-880 back in 1959 for Northeast Airlines. I was on it for two years as a cleck airman and line pilot. We introduced Jet travel to the East Coast-Florida market.M.

Ed Brent, 08.09.2010

My father flew the Convair 880 in the mid 1960's. He loved it in every way. He said on a go around with the wheels up when you added full power the jet would throw
the crew back in their seats like a fighter jet. The aircraft responded to the slightest touch much like a sports car would. Glad to see this site promoting the Convair 880. Remember Elvis had one also.

Ed Woerle, 11.08.2010

Anyone touring Graceland in Memphis can see/tour Elvis' 880, N880EP "Lisa Marie". It is said that this is the only aircraft The King felt safe in. Notice that the paint scheme is basically the original Delta fuselage stripe with the "TCB" emblem on the tail.

Mickey Small, 10.08.2010

My father Jess Small was a career Delta Pilot and flew the

christopher s. moran, 22.03.2010


Earl Ballard, 14.03.2010

Flew the 880 for Delta for 5 years. Fun to fly and my favorite airliner.

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The engines were a civilian version of the J79 as used in the F-104 Starfighter and F-4 Phantom.

The seating arrangement of five seats per row gave more passenger comfort but reduced profitability compared to the Boeing 707 and the Douglas DC-8.

The CV-990 had latge aerodynamic fairings, named 'Küchmann Carrots', on the trailing edges. These created the 'area rule' effect, allowing a higher Mach number, and the CV-990 was rhe fastest subsonic airliner ever.

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