Convair XB-46
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Convair XB-46

Very shortly after the end of World War II Convair began the design of a turbojet-powered medium bomber, gaining a contract for three XB-46 prototypes from the US Army Air Force. Of all-metal construction, the XB-46 was of high-wing cantilever monoplane configuration, had a slim oval-section fuselage, conventional tail unit, retractable tricycle landing gear and was designed to accommodate a crew of three. Power-plant consisted of four turbojet engines, these being mounted in pairs.

Convair XB-46A three-view drawing (650 x 990)

First flown on 2 April 1947, the XB-46 was handed over to the newly-formed US Air Force in late 1947, attaining an average speed of 858km/h during its delivery flightto Wright Field at Daytona, Ohio. Despite this performance the XB-46 remained a one-off prototype, the USAF ordering the Boeing B-47 Stratojet into production.

Convair XB-46

 ENGINE4 x turbo-jet General Electric TG-180(J35), 1814kW
    Take-off weight41278 kg91003 lb
    Empty weight21782 kg48021 lb
    Wingspan34.44 m113 ft 0 in
    Length32.24 m106 ft 9 in
    Height8.53 m28 ft 0 in
    Wing area102.1 m21098.99 sq ft
    Max. speed813 km/h505 mph
    Cruise speed700 km/h435 mph
    Ceiling13105 m43000 ft
    Range4820 km2995 miles
 ARMAMENT9000kg of bombs

Convair XB-46

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