Convair 340/440 Metropolitan
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Convair 340/440 Metropolitan

Convair 340

Although based on the Convair 240, the 340 was largely a new aircraft with greater wing span (32.11m) and area; a longer fuselage for 44 passengers; R-2800-CB16 or CB17 engines; greater all-up weight of 21,318kg; and many interior design improvements. The first aircraft flew on 5 October 1951 and the first delivery to an airline (United Air Lines) was made on 28 March 1952. A total of 209 had been built by January 1955, when the last two production aircraft were delivered to REAL (Brazil). The USAF also operated 340 as C-131 or VC-131 transports, flying and ECM trainers and for other duties; while the US Navy/Marine Corps received 37 transports as R4Y.

Convair 440 Metropolitan

The 440 was a development of the 340 with modifications to increase speed by about 8km/h and to reduce the noise level in the cabin. Special kits were also made available to convert 340 to 440 standard. Accommodation was provided for between 44 and 52 passengers. The prototype first flew on 6 October 1955 and 162 were built before production was phased out in the spring of 1958. A few were also operated by the USAF and US Navy.

Convair 340/440 Metropolitan

 MODELConvair 440
 ENGINE2 x Pratt-Whitney R-2800-CB16, 1864kW
    Take-off weight22226 kg49000 lb
    Empty weight15111 kg33314 lb
    Wingspan32.11 m105 ft 4 in
    Length24.13 m79 ft 2 in
    Height8.59 m28 ft 2 in
    Wing area85.47 m2919.99 sq ft
    Cruise speed465 km/h289 mph
    Ceiling7590 m24900 ft
    Range w/max.payload756 km470 miles

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Classof62@gmail,com, 28.09.2017

Flew right seat couple years standby, out of STL- OMA & MSP, WAS STURDY BRD hauling Wall Street Journal, was quite an experience for 4,000 hour CFI ASMEL

Don Miller, 20.12.2015

Had about 8300 hours in cv 340 and 440 aircraft flying for
Braniff, lost two engines in all that time,burst adi tank on
take off, both engines lost power, turned off the adi switch,
everything back to normal. Great aircraft.Miss flying it at
86 years of age.

roger, 13.07.2015

hi joe... i'm in roswell. u know anyone looking for parts from a 440? i have a complete

Joe, 21.02.2015

I'm here at Roswell International Airport looking at two 440's. Tail #N204RA S/N:504 and N3HH in case anyone is tracking the location of these beautiful birds.

Dennis Muia, 21.02.2015

I was a A&P mechanic on the 580 conversion from the 440 to the 580 for allegheny airlines in Pittsburgh PA from 1968 to1972 and I flew the aircraft until 1975.

Dennis Muia, 21.02.2015

I was a A&P mechanic on the 580 conversion from the 440 to the 580 for allegheny airlines in Pittsburgh PA from 1968 to1972 and I flew the aircraft until 1975.

Dennis Muia, 21.02.2015

I was a A&P mechanic on the 580 conversion from the 440 to the 580 for allegheny airlines in Pittsburgh PA from 1968 to1972 and I flew the aircraft until 1975.

c w root, 19.11.2013

PBA ... Providence Town Boston Airlines/Naples Airlines, had a couple of the 440's that serviced the northern states in the summer, then were ferried to Naples, Fl for the winter season. I was a passenger on a flight from Naples to Marathon in the Fla. Keys one beautiful night and remember the harmonic and resonant sounds of those P/W's. Nice airplane.

Bob Kusterer, 18.09.2013

I was chief of stan/eval for our C-131 in the MA ANG. We named it "DUMBO". I checked out quite a few jet fighter pilots who had never flown a recip. I flew it to the bone yard at DM but, as it turned out, this was not it's last flight. It was sold and restored and is flying with the CAF at Camarillo, CA.

BOB STREAM, 11.09.2013

The CV 580 that I flew for WIA out of CMH for (22) twenty two Yrs. I have lost track of it's were about, S/N 509 The last I heard the Canadian Gov. Was giving flight training in my old shoe, and it was destroyed in a crash, Would appreciate an update If one might have current info, RMS.

George Lloyd, 20.06.2013

Really like this plane. Worked on them in VR-21 North Island & Alameda in 1959-1961.
Can you post the manual on-line?

Michel Anciaux, 09.02.2013

Dear members and ex Convair Crew
Sorry to insist on the subject but I did send already 2 request on the subject.
It is about a wreck I saw in Chile back in 1974 but up to now I was no able to fin informations on this Convair 240 or 600. I also like to know what became of Convair 240 N17417 as it had the same colors as the one I saw in the south of Chile.
If any person could help me it would be just great.
Thank you
Michel Anciaux

Lowell Todd, 15.01.2013

Hi, I crewed on a CV440 while in VR1 out of Pax. River USNaval station from Dec 1955 thru Jan 1966.VR1 had 14 or 15 of the 440's and the weight&balance was done with a booklet,no slide-rule was available at that time.We did the southern runs ,Pax to Norfolk to Jax to[some times BOCA CHICA in the Keys]Gitmo.R.O.N.then to P.R. or Coco Solo,Pannama back to Gitmo R.O.N.then back to Pax.I also crewed on R5D's,DC3's And a couple of Zebra flights.Only 1 problem in all those flights ,lost both "bird dogs" on a flight to COCO SOLO,Pannama. Those A/C were GREAT MACHINES.

ed bruce, 31.10.2012

About 20 years ago I taught welding at George T. Baker Aviation in Miami, Fl. At that time they had onof these aircraft, it was owned by The Doobie Bros. It was a runout and was donated to the school. Don't know if they still have it.

Cargoleasing SA, 08.08.2012

Hi gents, we are searching for crew on CV580F Candidats will be based at Abidjan (Ivory Coast)please feel free to contact me/Best regards Jean Bidegain owner

vern baisden, 08.07.2012

The R-2800 engines in the Convairs had the nicest sounds. We called it, "the pratt & whitney lullaby".

Michel Anciaux, 30.05.2012

Dear members and ex Convair Crew, back in March this yera, I did send a mail related to a Convair 240 or his turbo prop version that I possibly saw in the south of Chile back in 1974. My memory may have made a joke so I'm willing to accept any other possibility and also I can send the picture to any person interested in this aircraft.

Dane Hays, 15.03.2012

Does anyone remember the 340 that Howard Hughes kept as a flying office in the early 1950s? I have a photo if anyone is interested.

Michel Anciaux, 04.03.2012

In 1974, on a trip to the south of Chile. I found a Cv 240 or his military version near a lake south of the Temuko area towards the mountains. I have found no informations related to this aircraft and up to now my investagation havn't been succesfull. I would like to know what became of the Convair N17417. Any information welcom

george r mungin sr, 23.02.2012

serve in VR-1 1960 to 1963 we had 6 c131s I flew maint crew on them hauling passengers and cargo, changed a many cylinders doing that time, but i love the 2800 version

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