Convair YB-60
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Convair YB-60

Under the designation XB-36G a turbojet-powered version of the B-36 was proposed; a contract for two prototypes was awarded by the USAF on 15 March 1951, these being allocated the designation YB-60; they retained the basic fuselage of the B-36 with a modified nose and generally similar wing centre-section and landing gear; new swept outer wing panels, a new tail unit and powerplant comprising eight Pratt & Whitney J57 turbojets, pylon mounted in podded pairs forward of the wing leading-edge, distinguished the two YB-60s; the first was flown on 18 April 1952, but the type failed to gain a production contract, the USAF ordering instead the Boeing B-52.

Convair YB-60

 ENGINE8 x 4080kg J57-P-3
    Take-off weight136200 kg300271 lb
    Empty weight68100 kg150136 lb
    Wingspan62.79 m206 ft 0 in
    Length52.12 m171 ft 0 in
    Height15.24 m50 ft 0 in
    Max. speed837 km/h520 mph
    Ceiling13716 m45000 ft
    Range12880 km8003 miles

Convair YB-60A three-view drawing (557 x 759)

Convair YB-60

steve, 18.05.2011

The YB-60 was such a graceful aircraft that it was almost a shame that the B-52 was a success. Its problem was the same as that of the Bristol Beaufighter: A thick wing inherited from the parent design was so draggy at higher speeds that it negated much of the advantage of greater engine power.

Daniel L. Berek, 22.03.2009

Convair proposed a double-deck transport version of this aircraft as well, in much the same manner the company did with its B-36 (the XC-99 and Model 37). Unlike its piston-engine counterpart, however, this idea never left the drawing board.
Now that would have been quite a sight to behold!

George Crawford, 26.02.2009

I think that your A/C dimensions are off just a little. I believe that the metric numbers should be feet, and I can't believe that this A\\C is capable of flying at 147,000 feet.

stephen russell, 15.06.2008

Imagine the AF these bombers: B47, B60 & B52, Very radical for SAC.
& having B60 back up B52 into the 1st Gulf War.
Thats the Big Stick.

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