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Cunningham-Hall PT-6

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Ernest R. Huerta, 23.03.2015

In brief:Started out as GA-21. A Hall designed "high-lift device" incorporated into wing. Consisted of opening in underside of wing. A vane behind LE opened via linkage with flap. Lowering flap opened vane allowing air to pass through wing an exit OVER flap-increased efficiency of flaps in slow flight. Flap up, vane down. Side by side seating, power: Warner Super Scarab-152 hp. Became GA-21M. Later changes; tandem seating resulted in GA-36. Info Per Doug Emmons in article in SKYWAYS magazine, January 1996.

Brian R. Baker, 11.02.2013

You left out the Cunningham Hall GA-36 low wing two seat trainer. It was derelict in southern Michigan for years, but now has been restored by an EAA chapter somewhere in new York, as I recall, and it is on display in some museum there. It was the only one built.

Wayne, 29.02.2012

PT-6F, NC444 lives at Golden Wings Flying Museum. Engine-Wright975, Max speed-150mph, cruise-130mph, landing -55mph, gas capacity-90 gal, range @15gph-700 miles,length-29' 8", height-9' 7", upper wing span-41' 8", lower wing span-33' 8'' , upper wing cord-78", empty weight-2875, useful load-1675

Ed Roberts, 29.11.2010

Cunningham aircraft were made in Rochester, NY.

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