Curtiss F4C
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Curtiss F4C

The first Curtiss fighter built under the US Navy designating system combining type, sequence of design and manufacturer, the F4C-1 (F2C and F3C being "paper" designations assigned to the R2C and R3C racing aircraft respectively) was designed by Charles W Hall. It was essentially an all-metal version of the wooden Naval Aircraft Factory TS-1, which had been designed by the US Navy Bureau of Aeronautics and production of which had been assigned to Curtiss. The F4C-1, two examples of which were built in 1924 and the first flown on 4 September, embodied some aerodynamic redesign. Its wings featured tubular spars and stamped dural ribs, and the fuselage was built up of dural tubing in a Warren truss form, the whole being fabric covered. By comparison with the TS-1, the lower wing was raised to the base of the fuselage. Armament comprised two 7.62mm machine guns and power was provided by a nine-cylinder Wright J-3 radial rated at 200hp.

Curtiss F4CA three-view drawing (1280 x 908)

    Take-off weight774 kg1706 lb
    Empty weight466 kg1027 lb
    Wingspan7.62 m25 ft 0 in
    Length5.59 m18 ft 4 in
    Height2.67 m9 ft 9 in
    Wing area17.19 m2185.03 sq ft
    Max. speed203 km/h126 mph
    Range845 km525 miles

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