Curtiss F11C Goshawk
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Curtiss F11C Goshawk

On 16 April 1932, the US Navy ordered two prototypes of a new shipboard fighter under the designations XF11C-1 and XF11C-2, the former with a 600hp Wright R-1510-98 two-row radial and the latter with a 700hp Wright R-1820-78 single-row radial. The latter was, in fact, a company demonstrator which had been flying for some time and was of mixed construction (fabriccovered wooden wings and fabric-covered metal fuselage and tail surfaces), whereas the XF11C-1, which utilised the wings of the YP-23, was of fabric-covered all-metal construction and was delivered in September 1932. The R-1820-78 Cyclone and mixed structure of the XF11C-2 found favour with the US Navy, and, on 18 October 1932, a production order was placed for 28 F11C-2s, deliveries of which began in February 1933 and were completed in the following May. The fourth aircraft on the contract was completed with a manually-retractable undercarriage as the XF11C-3, subsequently being redesignated XBF2C-1 with adoption of the "bomber-fighter" category in March 1934. Simultaneously, the F11C-2s were redesignated as BFC-2s. Armament comprised two 7.62mm Browning machine guns and a single bomb of up to 227kg or four 51kg bombs could be carried. The BFC-2 remained in US Navy service until 1938.

Curtiss F11C GoshawkA three-view drawing (1663 x 1207)

 ENGINE1 x Wright R-1820-78, 515kW
    Take-off weight2104-2300 kg4639 - 5071 lb
    Empty weight1515 kg3340 lb
    Wingspan9.6 m32 ft 6 in
    Length7.6 m25 ft 11 in
    Height3.2 m11 ft 6 in
    Wing area23.5 m2252.95 sq ft
    Max. speed320 km/h199 mph
    Cruise speed250 km/h155 mph
    Ceiling7400 m24300 ft
    Range w/max.fuel920 km572 miles
    Range w/max.payload460 km286 miles
 ARMAMENT2 x 7.62mm machine-guns


Tim O. Reutter, 26.01.2015

Is it true that the partial canopy is due to pilot dislike of the full canopy?

Bert Brown, 27.07.2013

Was there an FC-11 C-4?
If som do you have any idea where I might locate details, photos, etc?


Bert Brown, 27.07.2013

Was there an FC-11 C-4?
If som do you have any idea where I might locate details, photos, etc?


Dan Ballard, 31.05.2013

Does anyone know the minimum takeoff distance for this aircraft (loaded)? And have different were the performance numbers for the retractable gear version?

Michal Mietelski, 17.03.2012

The only surviving Goshawk is the particular a/c pictured in flight above. An Export Hawk II registered D-IRIK was bought by Reichstagspraesident Hermann Goering for testing dive-bombing techniques. Another WWI fighter ace - Oberst Ernst Udet - used it for the aerobatic show at opening the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin, while the 1935 Henschel 123 looks astonishingly similar. During the WW2 the Germans left this Goshawk on Polish soil and since 1964 its fuselage (with R-1820 in working order) is exhibited within the Polish Aviation Museum.

Charnon J., 10.09.2010

I ever ask the history expert,He told me,RTAF got 2 of HAWK2.One of these had damage from accident,The last was destroyed after WW2.Only HAWK3 survived.

David S Jorgensen, 12.08.2008

As a child, in 1934 or 1936, I, along with my parents, visted the curtis factory in California. I took a picture of the curtis bi-plane with a box brownie camera. I thought it was a Curtis S04C or a Goshawk. It did not, however, have a three bladed prop. A Watchman wanted to confiscate the camera but my Father told him "look around at all of the adults of this large crowd looking at the plane. Don't you think your action is a little ridculous?"
he let me take the camera. I lost a beautiful shot of the plane and I wish I could find another. Dave Jorgensen

Roger Ward, 20.12.2006

There were also the Curtis Hawk III biplane and the Hawk 75 monoplane, examples are in the Royal Thai Air Force Museum at Don Muang Airport, Bangkok, Thailand.

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