Curtiss Model D
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Curtiss Model D

The Model D was typical of the relatively obsolescent landplane types being built at the time in the United States, various powerplants were available, the most powerful being a 56kW unit.

Fred Quam, 29.01.2012

Am looking for information about a pilot named Robert "luckey Bob'St. Henry Who flew the ModelD at fargo, ND in 1911 making three flights.

Bob Coolbaugh, 04.11.2010

The photo shows a late 1909 or 1910 Curtiss with the biplane canard and fixed stabilizer. By mid-1910 and into 1911, the Curtiss Model D varients all had single plane canards and swallow tails with a large fixed stabilizer and two independently controlled elevators. I am currently flying a 1911 replica and have done a lot of research.

Rick Kirkland, 29.07.2008

I believe that I have an original photo of the Model D, Dated April 6, 1911, although I am not sure who the 3 men are in the photo... It was given to my Father as a child and passed along... I would love to know more History of the photo, if someone would be interested in taking a look... Please feel free to contact me...

Thank You

Rick Kirkland
807 West 13th St.
Front Royal, VA. 22630

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