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Curtiss PN-1

Designed by the US Army Engineering Division as a specialised single-seat night fighter, two prototypes of the PN-1 were built by Curtiss, powered by the 220hp Liberty L-825 six-cylinder water-cooled engine. Optimised for docile handling characteristics at the lower end of the speed range in order to ease operation from small blacked-out fields, the PN-1 was completed without interplane struts, but steel-tube N-type struts were introduced to improve torsional stiffness before any attempt to fly the first prototype. In the event, only this one PN-1 was completed, and the results of any flight testing are not on record. It is known, however, that the sole prototype was used for static tests at McCook Field during 1921.

  Take-off weight1048 kg2310 lb
  Empty weight740 kg1631 lb
  Wingspan9.40 m31 ft 10 in
  Length7.16 m24 ft 6 in
  Height3.12 m10 ft 3 in
  Wing area27.87 m2299.99 sq ft
  Max. speed174 km/h108 mph
  Range410 km255 miles

David Hewett, e-mail, 06.09.2008 20:18

Interesting to see that this was a US Army Engineering Div. design. I have blueprints of the Ordnance Engineering Dept. Single Seater Pursuit Type D.A., also identified on b.p. as Model D, 290 H.P. Liberty 8 Pursuit Fighter, which is a biplane with 242 sq.ft. total main planes, which I believe was designed but never built. Huge blueprints, one now separated at all folds, but all pieces present, designer unsigned, issued by Ordnance Engineering Corporation, Baldwin, Long Island, New York, which puts it circa 1918-9. From estate of Alec. Miller, Curtis flyer, builder.


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