Davis D-1
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Davis D-1

There is no text information for this aircraft at the moment.

WILLIAM A FOLEY,JR., 29.02.2016

Aabout 1972 mexico city - I flew in a blue & whie davis w/ wheel pants - pilot owner ( along w/ eight aircraft )agustin gutierez owner of a coffee & chocolate factory -- would appreciate info on this plane or agustin -he had a crew resoring old planes & autos -- American wife -- thanks

john machamer, 23.04.2015

The aircraft shown is NC158Y Davis D-1K as it appeared when it was built in 1930. This aeroplane was bought by Kinner Engine company and used as a test bed for their K-5 engine. It also has short struts installed, lowering the wing nearer to the fuselage and a cover over the front cockpit as racing modifications. The aeroplane now is sitting in my shop and is nearing completion of a complete restoration.

Rod, 12.10.2011

Yes, this aircraft was built in Richmond Indiana. See davismonoplane.com for more info.

David Igelman, 21.04.2011

My home of birth thro college is Richmond, Indiana. Last October, I was in Richmond to attend my 60th high school reunion and I visited the museum in Richmond where they had on display a Davis D1. Its my understanding that they were manufactured in Richmond.

John Karlovich, 27.01.2011

I co-owned Davis D1K N151Y in 1947. It is now in a museum in Hood River, OR

Howard Beckett, 29.11.2010

More pictures and a detailed 3-view were printed in July 1980 (Vol.10 No. 102) of "Model Builder" Magazine, which is no longer in punlication. The 3-view included the following details:
Span 30'2"
Length 21'2"
Height 7'7" on 24x4 wheels ; 7'5" on 6.5x10s
Wing Area 145 sq.ft
Empty Weight 925 lbs
Gross weight 1461 lbs
Max Speed 127 mph
Ldg Speed 42 mph
Cruise Spd 105 mph
Max Climb 1050 fpm
Approximately 50 were built. Factory location for the D-1K was given as Richmond, Indiana.

Dick Mc Graw, 12.10.2010

More information. The two place Davis ID was D-1K.
Powered by Kinner K-5 engine

Dick Mc Graw, 12.10.2010

I belive the Davis was built in Anderson, Indiana. A later model than the one shown could easily be mistaken for a Fairchild 22.It was a two place,with tandem cockpits

John E. Jenista, 05.10.2010

Wasn't this airplane,or a design very similar to it offered as a homebuilt in the late 1920's? My Dad was building one in 1933, called the "Moth". He was killed the next year,and the fuselage ended up as an iceboat on Fox Lake near Chicago.

Bob, 29.09.2010

I have had the pleasure of flying 1927 Davis D1W @ Tamiami airport. This aircraft is well ahead of it's time.

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