Dayton-Wright PS-1
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Dayton-Wright PS-1

Obviously intending to explore the potential of single-seat interceptor aircraft, the US Army Air Service finalised a contract in 1921 with the Dayton-Wright Airplane Company of Dayton, Ohio, for the design and construction of three prototypes to meet this requirement. Interestingly, at that time Orville Wright was the company's consulting engineer. The intended role for the PS-1 aircraft is highlighted by the designation (Pursuit, Special alert). These short-range parasol-wing monoplanes, powered by the 149kW Lawrance J-l nine-cylinder air-cooled radial engine, were delivered during 1922-3 as XPS-1 prototypes, and were either inadequate in performance or ahead of their time. Little was heard of them and they remained the only examples of the PS category.

    Take-off weight778 kg1715 lb
    Wingspan9.14 m30 ft 0 in
    Length5.84 m19 ft 2 in
    Max. speed233 km/h145 mph

Charles Hinton, 04.10.2010

In 1920 and 21 Dayton Wright manfactured the Engineering Division XB1A and made 40 airplanes. Details on this aircraft can be obtained from the USAF Museum. It was tested and found wanting by the 13th Aero squadron.

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