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BT-2B basic trainer

The excellent flight characteristics of the Douglas O-2 family led to the conversion of 40 O-2Ks in 1930 as basic trainers for the US Army. Dual controls were installed and armament was deleted, the modified aircraft then being designated Douglas BT-1. The only O-32 to be built was given dual controls, also in 1930, and became designated BT-2. Thirty O-32As were modified similarly to the O-2Ks; used by US Army and National Guard units for basic training these were redesignated BT-2A. Some 146 BT-2B aircraft were built as such, the first appearing in 1931. Powered by the 336kW Pratt & Whitney R-1340-11 radial, they survived many years in basic training units.

 ENGINE1 x Pratt & Whitney R-1340-11 radial piston engine, 336kW
  Take-off weight1845 kg4068 lb
  Empty weight1324 kg2919 lb
  Wingspan12.19 m40 ft 0 in
  Length9.5 m31 ft 2 in
  Height3.3 m11 ft 10 in
  Wing area33.63 m2361.99 sq ft
  Max. speed216 km/h134 mph
  Cruise speed188 km/h117 mph
  Ceiling5850 m19200 ft
  Range515 km320 miles

David Brown, e-mail, 02.08.2015 06:19

My grandfather trained with the bt2b and I have an old picture of him getting into the plane. I was wanting to change it from black and white to color but can't find any info on what the color of the plane was. I've see similar that were blue and yellow but wasn't sure for the Air Corp training BT-2B. Thanks for any information you have! I'm trying to surprise my family with coloring some of his WW2 pictures. Thanks. David


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