Douglas DC-2
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Douglas DC-2

The Douglas Transport was originally developed for TWA. It entered production in 1933 as the more powerful 529kW Wright SGR-1820-F3 Cyclone-engined and lengthened (14-seat) DC-2. The first of 20 ordered by TWA flew on 11 May 1934 and deliveries started soon after. The early DC-2 were so successful that by June 1934 orders for 75 aircraft had been received from airlines in both the US and abroad. Subsequent orders were received from American Air Lines, Eastern Airlines, Pan American Airways and from numerous foreign operators - the first exported DC-2 being flown by KLM in the autumn of 1934.

By September 1935 110 had been ordered and to meet the demand Douglas was producing one aircraft every three days. Such was the importance of the DC-2 that in 1934 Anthony Fokker acquired exclusive European rights to sell the Douglas Transport in Europe. In addition to commercial aircraft, DC-2 were purchased by the US Navy and USAAC and others were impressed into military service during World War II to serve with the Allied forces.

Douglas DC-2

 ENGINE2 x Wright R-1820-25, 550kW
    Take-off weight8419 kg18561 lb
    Empty weight5448 kg12011 lb
    Wingspan25.9 m85 ft 12 in
    Length18.9 m62 ft 0 in
    Height4.9 m16 ft 1 in
    Wing area87.2 m2938.61 sq ft
    Max. speed320 km/h199 mph
    Cruise speed300 km/h186 mph
    Ceiling6100 m20000 ft
    Range w/max.fuel1400 km870 miles

Douglas DC-2

garth c good, 04.04.2015

captain retired NWA typed in both DC-2 and DC-3 and bunch more , in this so far I see no C-39 o-yes there was also on cover of news week and in usaf museum dayton oh

A.K.Sunderajan, 14.03.2015

When I was an apprentice in Tata Airlines Juhu Bombay, I had my first air experience, in a DC-2, VT-AUQ , way back in 1944. Flying in and out through the monsoon clouds over Kalyan, it was areal experience. Tata Airlines then had a fleet of 2 DC-2s,a DC-3, besides Wacos,Dragon Rapides, Stinson Tri Motors and DH 4 engined express airliner

loomas marshall, 21.01.2013

I had the only VC model at Rhein main ab in 1970. Helped fly it back to the bone yard in 1971. 46 hrs and 5 gallons of oil at the goose.

Kenneth Fackrell, 07.09.2010

Worked on the DC2 that MD had at Long Beach in 1990. Was an old AA plane{you could still make out the lettering]. Used to make a flight a week to Catalina and back. Just to keep it flying. Looks good on my resume.

Chris, 19.05.2010

Thanks! I'm sorry but I don't speak German.

jean-louis Bleneau, 02.05.2010

Cannot be a DC-2 on-board SS Bremen. Only DC-2 with DLH at that time was D-ABEQ and airframe not suited for catapult launch? Must be a confusion with Blohm-Voss Ha 139, but Ha 139 is four engines !

Bill, 20.02.2010

TO; Chris and Ronald
The KLM that you mention is "Royal Dutch Airlines"

Chris, 04.02.2010

I don't know... but I know "KM" is German Navy, maybe there is a connection.

Ronald Denz, 29.04.2009

In 1936 I( was aboard the German liner 'Bremen' and they had a DC 2 on a catapult. They also used a float plane off of the same catapult. Saw them launch the DC 2 when we were within range of land. I have a photo of the DC 2 and have always wondered why 'KLM' was painted on the side.

Taylor Mckinnon. Maj. usaf, 27.09.2008

I had the pleasure of going aboard a DC-2 at Chino Airport back in 1993 or so. A marvelous design for the early year it was built. Of course the Boeing 247 was the real breakthrough but the Douglas DC-2 put it all together into a money maker. I flew on the sucessor DC-3,(C-47)as flight mech for several years before I was comissioned. Loved it!

William L. Hirsch, 09.06.2008

I have been trying for several months to get in touch with the owners of the Douglas DC-2 that is Australia, can anyone help us.
William L. Hirsch
Eastern Air Lines, Inc.
Director: Eastern Airlines Historical Foundation

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