Douglas D-558-2 Skyrocket
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Douglas D-558-2 Skyrocket

Experimental high-speed research plane with combined propulsion: turbo-jet for take-off and rocket engine for high-altitude flight. First flew on February 4, 1948. In August 1951 after deploying from Boeing P2B-1S (B-29) D-558-2 reached a speed of 1992kph and an altitude of 24230m. On August 31, 1953 the aircraft reached an altitude of 25370m and on November 20, 1953 set a speed record of 2.05M. 3 built.

 MODELDouglas D-558-2 "Skyrocket"
 ENGINE1 x Westinghouse J4-WE-22 turbo-jet, 13.3kN and 1 x Reaction Motors XLR-8 rocket engine, 26.7kN
    Wingspan7.62 m25 ft 0 in
    Length13.79 m45 ft 3 in
    Height3.51 m12 ft 6 in
    Wing area16.26 m2175.02 sq ft

Hank Murrow, 11.02.2015

My father, Richard B Murrow, was an aeronautical engineer for both the Skystreak and Skyrocket research aircraft while working for Douglas from 1938 to the late fifties.

Ken Jarecki, 07.06.2012

The 558II is in my opinion one of the most beautifull airplanes ever designed.

Bill Macdonald, 20.10.2010

I did the Testing on the Yaw Damper Control.

Jeff Butler, 26.05.2008

One example of the Skyrocket is on display at the Planes Of Fame Air Museum, in Chino, California

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