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Eastman E-2A

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a.machiaverna, 09.04.2011

Anyone know who manufactured the radial engine for this aircraft?

Doug Rollins, 19.03.2011

Only 18 Eastman E-2 Sea Rovers were constructed by the company owned by Jim Eastman. When the Depression hit in 1929, Eastman was forced to sell off his company to Detroit Aircraft, but he kept the 5 unsold copies and flew them to Northern British Columbia to work in the mining industry. The BC Aviation Museum in Victoria BC has on display the only remaining Eastman Sea Rover.

Wade Wortley, 20.02.2010

Hi larry. Eastman Aircraft was a division of Detroit Aircraft. They were affiliated with Ryan aircraft and Lockheed Martin I believe. Eastman was set up to produce Grumman aircraft for WWII, but that never materialized. That is all I know about them.

Wade Wortley, 20.02.2010

I recently acquired a panel for the Eastman E-2 aircraft (serial # 23) if anybody is doing a restoration. It has a brass face with a nav-on/off switch in the center, and light at the top of the panel. It has room for 6 instruments and a tag that says "Detroit Aircraft Corp. Eastman Division E-2. Engine: Challenger. Neat looking vintage piece.

Larry Crider, 20.01.2010

Who manufactured the Eastman E-2A? Was it any part of what became Eastman Kodak?

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