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Edo XOSE-1

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Anonymous, 08.05.2021 16:16

This aircraft was built to satisfy a U.S. Navy requirement for a new catapult-launched scout seaplane to be deployed from cruisers and battleships. Although previous aircraft of that type had been two-seaters, the Navy had decided that all future aircraft of that sort would be single-seaters. For that reason this aircraft superficially resembled a single-seat fighter, but it was definitely not one. The Navy production contract went to the Curtiss SC-1 "Seahawk" instead of the Edo seaplane. However, as helicopters began to come into use late in World War II, the Curtiss "Seahawk" became the last such seaplane to be ordered by the Navy. By the early 1950s catapult-launched seaplanes such as this had completely disappeared from Navy warships.


Barry, 06.07.2016 13:07

Two prototypes were built followed by eight production aircraft (OSE), two were later converted to trainers (XTE1). They never were accepted into service and all orders were cancelled.

Power plant 1 x 550 h.p Ranger V-770-8 inline air cooled piston engine.

Span 37'11" Length 31'0" Height 14'11"
Empty weight 3,973 lb Gross weight 6,064 lb

Maximum speed 198 mph Range 900 miles Service ceiling 22,300 ft

Armament 2 x 0.5" forward firing machine guns
2 x 350 lb depth charges


Klaatu83, e-mail, 24.09.2012 01:33

Edo was a company that made floats for seaplanes. I believe this was their only foray into aircraft design as such.

This may look like a fighter but appearances can be deceiving. It was meant to be a catapult-launched scout seaplane, for operation from cruisers or battleships. The engine was the 600-hp, air-cooled, inverted-V-12 Ranger. The only other aircraft that engine was used in was the highly unsatisfactory Curtiss SO3C Seamew, one of the worst aircraft in the Navy's inventory at that time.


John Jeffers, e-mail, 04.11.2010 06:46

I think it look's more like sleek F6F Hellcat.


Jerry, e-mail, 23.01.2010 03:40

The engine was a Ranger V-770


Sgt.KAR98, 15.06.2008 21:05

Wow,indeed looks a Warhawk,but more beautiful


William G. Hoenig, e-mail, 03.05.2008 06:32

This was built by EDO.float and pontoon manufaturer in College Point,N.Y. It's engine was inverted and during a test flight the engine blew a cylinder and the plane was forced to land in the East River /Long island sound, I beleive only one plane was made and it flew in spring of 1945,to late for WW2. I lived in College Point at the time and saw it fly a few times,it was very slow and it had to be very careful as LaGuardia Field was just acroos the water from where EDO was located.


Aero-Fox, 12.03.2008 23:07

Almost looks like a float-plane conversion of a P-40 Warhawk...I never did like the three-float system though...a bit ungainly...


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