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Engineering Division LUSAC II

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Klaatu83, 31.10.2015

"LUSAC" was an acronym for "Lepère U.S. Army Combat", Georges Lepère being the name of the French designer. Although completed too late for service in WW-I, this was by far the best combat aircraft developed in the U.S. during that conflict, and would have been the U.S. Army Air Service's equivalent to the Bristol Fighter. Two examples were sent to France for evaluation just before the end of the war, but that was as close as the type ever came to combat. Nevertheless performance was outstanding, with a top speed of 133 mph. In 1920 a LUSAC 11 fitted with a turbo-supercharged engine set a world altitude record of over 33,000 feet. As a result of three years of highly-competitive combat, by the time that the U.S. entered WW-I in 1917 the U.S. aircraft industry was lagging far behind that of the European countries. The LUSAC 11 was the only combat aircraft developed in the U.S. during WW-I to have been truly up to contemporary European standards, and in fact actually exceeded most of its' contemporaries.

Charles Hinton, 04.10.2010

Not about this aircraft - but Engineering Division produced USAC - 1, USB-2, USD-9, and the XB1A. They also modified a Bristol and build one USB-1 which became the XB1A

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