Fairchild 24 / UC-61 / Argus
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Fairchild 24 / UC-61 / Argus

The mounting sales of the Fairchild 22 Model C7A induced the company to produce what was basically an enclosed cabin version of that aircraft. To achieve this, the configuration was changed to that of a braced high-wing monoplane, the resulting cabin seating two side-by-side. Other changes included the introduction of a tailwheel, and the initial Fairchild 24 Model C8 was powered by a 71kW A.C.E. Cirrus (licence-built) Hi-Ace 4-cyclinder inverted inline engine. Most variants were available with optional float or ski landing gear. Certificated during April 1932, the basic Fairchild 24 Model C8 was produced to the extent of only 10 examples, but these modest numbers, like those of the initial Model C7, soon created interest and new orders.

Fairchild 24 / UC-61 / ArgusA three-view drawing (800 x 518)

 ENGINE1 x Warner Super Scarab Series 50 7-cylinder radial piston engine, 108kW
    Take-off weight1089 kg2401 lb
    Empty weight669 kg1475 lb
    Wingspan11.07 m36 ft 4 in
    Length7.26 m24 ft 10 in
    Height2.24 m7 ft 4 in
    Wing area16.09 m2173.19 sq ft
    Max. speed209 km/h130 mph
    Cruise speed190 km/h118 mph
    Ceiling5030 m16500 ft
    Range764 km475 miles

Fairchild 24 / UC-61 / Argus

Bill in UK, 14.11.2016

My first employment was working on the Argus at Gatwick in 1942. Great memories as young boys, never forgotten. I worked in the Wing Shop with elderly Cabinet Makers. Spruce main spar and ply leading edges. Wonderful memories. Bill

BOB PROSSER, 08.11.2015


George P. Trahan, 16.12.2013

A friend of mine in the 50's owned a F-24, I owned a PT 26. We were flying his 24 when we experienced a difficult time keeping the right wing level, especially after a right turn. We decided to land at the nearest airport, (Willamantic, CT). Upon inspection we found the right wing gas tank had sprung a leak causing the gas to slosh around within the wing causing our dificulties. All the while my friend was constantly smoking. The mechanic who inspectyed the problem informed us that this was not uncommon.

In this same time period in my part of CT there were four PT-26s. I do not find a web site that acknowledges this unique air craft.

Bob Kusterer, 18.09.2013

The only Fairchilds I have flown are the PT-19, PT-23, and PT-26. Why are they not listed? They were extensively used WW2 trainers. Our glider club used a PT-23 as a tow plane. I used to tow gliders up and then do aerobatics on the way down. I loved this plane.

Ron Kron, 09.02.2013

Does anyone know why the Ranger powered PT-19 was left off this Fairchild site ??

James, 27.07.2011

Erin I need a new prop if you still have it?

Erin, 09.05.2011

I have a wood prop , never mounted . I contacted Hartzell to find out about it , they were able to find limited data , the email from them says it is was used on a fairchild UC61 A , It is so beautiful ,all decals and lead edges are perfect . I have no place to display it . maybe someone knows someone who needs or wants it . I've tried ebay as well as anything else I could think of . Please if you know someone that may be interstd , let me know . It has been in my family for 35yr + Thanks for any help

chance, 12.04.2011

this plane gets me horny

chance, 12.04.2011

this plane gets me horny

Phyll Hardie, 13.03.2011

my first few flights were as a passenger in Fairchild Argus G-AIYO, piloted by Freydis Leaf (now Sharland), Diana Walker and Miss J Bird in the early 1950s. The plane was owned by the Women's Junior Air Corps, and went around the country giving flights to members. On my first flight I was told the plane cruised at 120mph at 1200'. The airfields I flew from were White Waltham, Denham and Shoreham-on-Sea. I understand dear G-AIYO was withdrawn from service at White Waltham in 1958. It was the WJAC's first 'Grey Dove' - two others, of different types, followed. The pilots were all ATA 'spitfire' women during the war. Freydis is still alive, aged 89. Diana died 2 years ago, aged 90.

John Pratt, 05.03.2011

New to this site and dissapointed when I find such limited info on an airplane that I'm so familiar with ! The final version of this craft was built in the forties, had four seats, no bracing on the wheel struts, a Warner 125 or a Ranger 200. The mentioned model would not lift floats at all and even the 200 Ranger was a dog on glass water with a run of miles. I converted one of my 24s to a Jacob 275 on floats it was great but nose-heavy. When I see this info I have to wonder about the info on other aircraft!

Mark Globuschutz, 30.10.2010

Was this the model that was made in Burlington, NC as trainer during the war?

Don Speroni, 10.08.2010

My dad had a 24R on floats in the early 50's, based at Carl Evers Seaplane base in the Bronx. He bought a 200hp Ranger surplus for $ 200. instead of overhauling the existing engine. We needed to land for oil not gas. Was a dog on the water on a hot, no wind day.

Edwin Hooper, 05.01.2010

The above aircraft shows a inline engine. Which would be an 185 or 200 hp ranger. Not a radial warner engine as the specification chart reads. This fairchild is known as a fairchild 24R. The one wiyh the radial engine is 24W

flyingairy, 13.12.2008

please find everything about our historic F24R S/N 998 ex USAAF 44-83037, ex RAF KK380 being registered in civil aircraft french register by Louis Breguet himself in 1948.
Now flying as F-AZCI



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