Fairchild F-11 Huskie
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Fairchild F-11 Huskie

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M.D. McCrimmon, 21.05.2011

I flew serial 8, CF-SAQ when it was owned by Parsons Airways Northern LTD. of Flin Flon Manitoba. If one carried a Beaver load, it would fly quite well, except you depended upon the curvature of the earth to gain altitude. Biggest problem was the large cabin. to the fishermen and camp operators, one filled the airplane!! \\Too much for this underpowered airplane. Ours had a Pratt R985 of 450 HP. CF-SAQ was reengined by Island Airlines of Campbell River B.C. with an Alvis Leonides engine of 550 HP which made a proper airplane out of it. It crashed in the Straits of Georga, I do believe. Someone in Oregon has plans to put a turbine engine into what will be known as a Turo Husky.

stewart chapman, 07.03.2011

The last time I flew in a Husky was 1966 pilot was Peter Gewiz Holiday Airways Red Lake Ontario Canada I think the Registration was CF BSH on floats we carried 5 canoes back to Red Lake I was the dock boy

Alvaro Lopes, 09.11.2010

Just to translate this text.

Francis Maigné, fran.maigne = infonie.fr, 22.12.2009

F 11 Husky
Single-engine utility transport 7 / 8 passengers, a pilot and a co-pilot, wing monoplane with braced high masts 2 pairs of oblique, joining the base of the fuselage, monodérive, horizontal tail cantilevered classic, 2 2 catamaran floats or skis. All metal construction. 1 engine of 7-cylinder radial P & W Wasp Junior R-985 SB 3 of 450 hp, twin-bladed metal propeller variable pitch, E: 16.70 m, L: 11.40 m, H: 5,41 m, Sa : 32, 98 sqm, Pv: 1790/1905 Kg, GVW: 2903 / 2988 kg, C / A: 88 kg / m, p / p: 6.451 / 6.64 Kg / Hp, Vm: 222 Km / h to 670 m, Vc: 195/235 km / h Vasc: 206/244 m / min, VMI: Kmh 93/92, PL: 4300 / 4900 m, Df: 240 km, 1240 km with extra tanks. 1st flight: 14/06/1946.
Total production: 12 copies.

Francis Maigné, 22.12.2009

F 11 Husky
          Monomoteur utilitaire pour le transport de 7 / 8 passagers, 1 pilote et 1 co-pilote, Monoplan aile par contreventée haute 2 paires de mâts en oblique, rejoignant la base du fuselage, monodérive, l'empennage horizontal en porte à faux classique, 2 flotteurs ou en catamaran 2 skis. Construction entièrement métallique. 1 moteur de 7 cylindres en étoile P & W Wasp Junior R-985 SB 3 de 450 CV, hélice bipale métallique à pas variable, E: 16,70 m, L: 11,40 m, H: 5,41 m, Sa: 32 , 98 m², Pv: 1790/1905 Kg, PTC: 2903/2988 Kg, C / A: 88 kg / m², p / p: 6,451 / 6,64 Kg / Cv, Vm: 222 Km / h à 670 m, Vc: 195/235 Km / h, Vasc: 206/244 m / mn, VMI: 93/92 Kmh, PL: 4300 / 4900 m, Df: 240 Km, 1240 km avec réservoir supplémentaire. 1er vol: 14/06/1946.
          Production totale: 12 exemplaires.

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