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Fernic T-9

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Barry, 06.07.2016 15:56

Sometimes known as the FT-9, the Fernic Tandem 9, this aeroplane was designed and built by Rumanian emigre George Fernic assisted by Paul Dronin. Intended to be a long distance record breaker the T-9 flew first on the the 10th September 1929 from Roosevelt Field New York. The 22 foot canard was added to reduce early stall and whilst the first flight proved it's overall stability it crashed on landing during it's second flight damaging the wings and undercarriage. The planned record flight did not go ahead due to Fernic being killed whist flying a later design the FT-10 Cruisaire in 1930.

Power plant 2 x 250 h.p Wright Whirlwind J-5 radials

Span 59'0" Length 41'6" Gross weight 5,500 lb

Max speed 130 mph Cruising speed 120 mph


CHOLET, e-mail, 18.08.2011 16:10

Appareil construit par la firme FERNIC ayant effectué son premier vol le 9 septembre 1929. En avance sur son temps par sa conception cet appareil de transport pour emporté 8 passagers dans des conditions de confort peu courantes à l'époque.
Propulsion par deux moteurs Wrigth Whilwind de 220 Ch

Envergure : 18 m
Plan canard : 6,70 m.
Longueur : 13 m.
Hauteur: 4.12
Poids : à vide - 2268 kg. –
En charge – 4536 kg..
Vitesse maximum : 196 km /h.
De croisière : 161 km /h
D'atterrissage : 68km /h.


Wboyne, e-mail, 17.08.2010 04:48

I wrote a "Rare Birds" article on the Fernic many years ago. This one crashed; he had some other designs that led to this one.


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