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Fletcher FBT

There is no text information for this aircraft at the moment.

Roscoe, 15.03.2011

Fletcher had a airstrip at rosemead, about 2 miles SW of the El Monte airport. I was a student at Pasadena City College(Aero Tech)under Max Harlow in 1954. A fellow student took me for a ride in a talorcraft out of Rosemead just before I went off to the USAF aviation cadets. PCC students would bring their Harlow like school built A/C down to rosemead and have more sucess than the Fletcher-built A/C. When I got back from cadets in 1956, Rosemead AP was no more.

Bogus Alias, 04.01.2011

I had a small manual for the Aircraft worker put out by Fletcher. It had some info on their aircraft along with a lot of other info helpful to the Aircraft worker. Wikipedia
has some info on Fletcher.

Forrest, 23.12.2010

Does anyone know if this is the one by Fletcher Aviation in El Monte, CA about '47 ?

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